The 10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans of 2023

What are the best outdoor ceiling fans available in the market? This complete guide is for those who looking for an outdoor ceiling fan for patio.

The ceiling fan is a very essential appliance in our indoor. It has been used for ventilation solutions in almost every house around the globe. However, nowadays, the ceiling fan has also become a part of our patio. The productivity and control it provides are amazing.

A simple outdoor ceiling fan can easily provide ventilation to the comparably large amount of space. Here I will talk about how you should approach choosing the best outdoor ceiling fan by yourself.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans 2023

So, here is our top list of the 10 best outdoor ceiling fans for patio.

  1. Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  2. Hunter Key Biscayne Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  3. Harbor Breeze Twin Ii Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  4. Honeywell Belmar Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  5. Casablanca 59527 Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  6. Casa Vieja Delta-Wing Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  7. Westinghouse Lighting 7800000 Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  8. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove YG493OD-EB Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  9. Emerson CF135DBZ Callito Cove Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  10. Hampton Bay YG187-BN Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Monte Carlo Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

As an outdoor ceiling fan, Monte Carlo Maverick is a quality one. It has all the features and usability to provide you total satisfaction. The body itself is built with Balsa wood. Three separate long blades from a unique delta formation. This helps the unit to generate more air with comparably fewer rotations. You can also control the airflow with remote as it is included with the fan. As it is damp rated, you won’t face any complications on the machine due to high moisture. It can work perfectly even in a wet place.

Features of Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Energy Star Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK outdoor ceiling fan is a quality air circulating unit. It has a large and precise blade to offer you wider coverage. Ina this stylish ceiling fan, you will get lots of features. Here I am going to review them in detail.

Let’s talk about the important features of Monte Carlo Maverick outdoor ceiling fan:

Damp Resistant

This special outdoor ceiling fan is damp resistance. That means it can survive in a higher moisture environment. It will not get any damp even in the highest humid season. So, it’s a plus feature for you.

Durable Blades

In this patio ceiling fan, there are three variants of blades. Every blade varies according to its length. It lets you use the fan on different occasions. If you need a wider coverage, you can attach longer blades. And these blades are made of Balsa wood. The Balsa wood is famous for its lightweight and strong material. That ensures that this outdoor patio ceiling fan is perfect to suit any kind of requirements.

For Both Indoor & Outdoor

Even though this is an outdoor ceiling fan, you can use it inside your house. It will work like a normal ceiling fan in the inside environment. That makes the fan perfect to suit in any kind of situation. However, if you are using this fan outdoors, make sure that it has a sheltering area above.

2. Hunter Key Biscayne Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Hunter Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

It’s a modern machine with a classic look. The Hunter Nautical ceiling fan comes with six separate blades. The blades and total body is covered with weathered zinc. It is stylish in its looks and diverse by its functionalities. The fan is a part of Hunter’s Biscayne Collection. It can easily blend into your home decoration as well as any outdoor area. As an outdoor ceiling fan, it can resist a higher amount of moisture. It won’t get any effect in the high moisture because the fan is damp rated. To manage the fan functionality, you can use the pull chain option. This is easy and you can control the speed and power with just one pull.

Features of Hunter Key Biscayne 59135 Outdoor Ceiling Fan

With a modern slick look and finishing, this Hunter 59135 outdoor ceiling fan is on our favorite list. The fan is from Hunter Key Biscayne Collection, has a durable body with bronze and dark finish. The whole ceiling fan unit has great power to facilitate a wider area without any trouble.

Here are some of the great features of the Hunter ceiling fan with detail:

Whisper Wind Motor

The motor of this fan is fast and works smoothly. Due to its higher quality motor, the fan makes less sound during operation. The motor also has Whisper Wind technology to reduce the sound a normal ceiling fan would make. It is also reversible, which means you can reverse the direction of the blade anytime. With this, you can change the airflow easily.

Easy Control

The Hunter outdoor ceiling fan is easy to control with different options. You can pull the chain to turn the fan on and off. The pulling chain is very easy to grab and it will allow you to manage the fan speed easily.

Stylish Light

This stylish outdoor fan also has a great function for night that is light source. In this fan, there is an option to attach the light. By default, you will get CFL light there. The middle part of the fan is covered with white glass. It will make the light more interesting and attractive.

3. Harbor Breeze Twin Ii Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Harbor Breeze Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

The Harbor Breeze twin outdoor ceiling fan is two separate fan units with a connection in between. Both of the fans are connected with wire and rode. The body of this ceiling fan is oil rubbed and it provides excellent service harsh weather. This fan is perfect to cover up large outdoor space as it has two separate fan unit. The stunning look of this ceiling fan is well suited to work in the hotel and restaurant industry. In total, you will get six different blades with more width. Also, it’s an industry-standard ceiling fan that comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Features of Harbor Breeze Twin Ii Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze is a well-known brand in the ceiling fan industry. And their topmost fan product is the twin breeze Ii outdoor down-rod ceiling fan. It has a stylistic approach and has a durable body. There is one rod between the two fan units. Both fans have enough power to provide airflow to a bigger area.

Here are the features that you might consider before buying the Harbor twin breeze downrod ceiling fan:

Stylish Look

The whole outdoor ceiling fan unit is superbly outstanding at it looks. The body is perfectly coated and oiled to provide you longer service. The fan is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage as it has a modern and stylish body. It can easily match up with the interior and exterior. You can also use this fan in a public place without any hesitation.

Reversible AC Motor

This stylish twin ceiling fan comes with an AC motor. The motor has three different speed variations. So, you can toggle between that speed anytime you want. The motor can produce around 4,450 CFM by itself. It’s great for a wider space. As it is specialized in outdoor usage, it can give you fast-flowing air through the area. Both of the fan units have a durable motor that can provide you the guarantee to run a long life.


Despite it’s wider body it weighs less than the average ceiling fan. The ceiling fan unit is very lightweight. You can install it easily without any worry. The materials are lighter but durable for long term usage. As the unit is very easy to install and light, you can move it around by yourself easily.

4. Honeywell Belmar Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Honeywell Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Honeywell Belmar’s outdoor ceiling fan is an advanced machine. It has LED light built-in. However, you have the freedom to choose to install the light or not and the fan will look fantastic with or without light. The overall design of the fan brings great joy to take place. It has weather resistance features. That means it can work continuously even if it gets a touch of rainwater. The higher moisture will not be a case for its malfunction. The motor and blades are made to run in almost any outdoor situation. All you need to manage a covering ceiling at the top of this fan unit.

Features of Honeywell Belmar Outdoor LED Ceiling Fan

This Honeywell Belmar outdoor ceiling fan has lots of unique features to stand out from the crowd. The body has a dark bronze finishing with well-coated material which makes the difference from other ceiling fans. The total length of this ceiling fan unit is 52 inches.

Here are the features of Honeywell Belmar outdoor ceiling fan you may consider before going to make the decision:

Perfect for Outdoor

The body of this ceiling fan is specially built to run in any outdoor environment. It is damp proof and the moist weather does not cause any damage. You can use it on your veranda, basement, public place or anywhere. It just needs a protective roof and that’s it.

LED Light

In this ceiling fan, there is also a lighting system. The lighting system is perfect to light up the area of this ceiling fan covers. In the lighting system, you can use an LED light to glow up your space. This light also makes it perfect for dining space or any public space as it will decorate the environment perfectly. You won’t need any external light source at all. The LED light is also energy efficient and it can cut down your electric bill easily.


The Honeywell Belmar outdoor ceiling fan has a dynamic mounting system. In total, it has three different mounting features. At first, it has an angled-mount system. Let’s install the ceiling fan on any slope. It can perform perfectly even if it gets mounted in the angled ceiling. The ceiling fan also has a flush-mount option and the normal mount option.

5. Casablanca 59527 Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Casablanca Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

The classy brown color of this fan is an attractive attribute of this unit. Here we will talk about Casablanca indoor and outdoor ceiling fan. Most of all, the piece is tailored to perform inside and outside environment. It is a multipurpose fan and you can easily use it in any condition. The wet rating shows the assurance of its outdoor level. If you place this fan in any outside environment, it may have to face harsh conditions. But it can easily face those rough weather conditions and run for over a decade. Yes, this fan has the potential to run for over a decade and provide you long service.

Features of Casablanca 59527 Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Casablanca 59527 outdoor ceiling fan is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. The ceiling fan is marvelous and looks amazing in its operation. The fan has one extra blade and in-total five separate blades. Those blades are perfectly built to provide you precise airflow.

The Casablanca indoor/outdoor ceiling fan has lots of features to talk about. Here are some of them:

Direct Drive Motor

In this ceiling fan, you will get a super powerful and durable motor. The motor provides the energy to the direction of the blades. So, there are no in-between things to interrupt the energy flow. That’s why you will get fast airflow. As the motor is durable, you can use this ceiling fan for a longer period than any normal fan. The motor is also reversible using electrical force. Overall you get satisfactory service from the motor.

Antique Veneer Blades

Instead of four or three blades, it has five strong blades and all are well coated and have a coffee dark color for elegant looking. These blades are wide enough to provide airflow to bigger rooms and outdoor places. Every blade is set to the default 13-degree angle. This makes sure that the fan blades make maximum airflow without wasting any more energy.

Pull Chain Control

In this modern looking ceiling fan, there is a classic pull chain control system. The chain is in the center of the fan with an object at the end to help you grab it.

6. Casa Vieja Delta-Wing Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Casa Vieja Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

With a modern and slick look, it can easily grab any stranger’s attention. This is Casa outdoor ceiling fan with 52 inches blade span. In this unit, you will get three separate blades. Those blades are made with durable wood material. Each blade is pitched with a nine-degree angle. Three blades form a delta pattern and it is suitable to provide high-velocity air with less rotation. You can control the fan with just a remote. That will let you control the fan without moving yourself. However, you must take care of the fan it will not resist any salty water and humid weather.

Features of Casa Vieja Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Casa Vieja Delta-Wing is the most modern-looking outdoor ceiling fan. This fan is 52 inches wide. The body of this ceiling fan looks stylish and it can go with any interior or exterior design. The blades are made with high-quality materials and it can provide you high-velocity airflow.

The Casa Vieja Outdoor Ceiling Fan has a lot of cool features to point out. Below I have listed them one by one:

Cool Design

The overall design of the ceiling fan is amazing to see. The design is aerodynamic and specially made to provide you consistent airflow. The blades are well designed to facilitate the airflow speed. In the middle part of the fan three is no bump or anything. The middle part is flat making it perfect for high-speed rotation and airflow.

Durable Material

The material of Casa Vieja outdoor ceiling fan is of high quality. The wood that is used in the blade is durable and it can work for a longer time frame. You will get walnut wood in the blades to provide you with a strong ceiling fan.

Delta Blades

Delta blade format facilitates the airflow more. With this trio design, the fan can generate much more airflow without that much energy. This also lets this fan operate properly even in outside conditions. In this delta, formation three separate walnut wood joints in a center point. This makes a compact and fast-flowing ceiling fan. Those blades are 52 inches wide in all together.

7. Westinghouse Lighting 7800000 Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Westinghouse Lighting Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

If you are looking for a powerful ceiling fan for your outdoor places, here it is. With Westinghouse Brentford ceiling fan you can get high-speed air with vintage stylish look. As this fan is multi-purpose, you can also use this fan in your house. however, this ceiling fan has light united integrated into it. The light is covered with a protective shield. The shield or glass is completely clear and doesn’t block the light at all. In total there are six different blades with a wider span. The blades are made with aged walnut wood and it is very stable and durable as well.

Features of Westinghouse Lighting 7800000 Brentford Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This Westinghouse lighting ceiling fan might look vintage at first look but is not. From inside this ceiling fan is completely modern. In this ceiling fan, you will get five wide blades. This ceiling fan is perfect for the wider area. It can easily provide airflow to your big rooms with its giant blades.

You might be glad to know the features of Westinghouse lighting outdoor ceiling fan:

Silicon Steel Motor

The incredible part of this ceiling fan unit is the motor. The motor is 153 millimeters by 17 millimeters in size. The body of this perfect motor has been built with silicon steel. This makes the motor more durable and long-lasting. In the motor of this fan unit, you will get a triple capacitor.


If you love speed control then this outdoor ceiling fan will be best. In this ceiling fan, you will get three different speed variations. You can control the speed of your ceiling fan easily. The speed options of this fan unit are low, medium and high. All of the modes are programmed to let you enjoy the airflow according to your preferred speed.

Candelabra Light
Westinghouse Lighting Outdoor Ceiling Fan Candelabra Light

In this fan unit you will also get a lighting system. In the middle part of the fan, you can attach three bulbs to light up your space. As the fan unit is outdoor perfect, there is also a protection for the lighting. You will get a clean class protector which can emit light easily. The outer body of the protector is classic and it will give you a vintage feeling.

8. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove YG493OD-EB Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Home Decorators Collection Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Home decorating becomes so much easier with this fan model of Kensgrome. In this ceiling fan unit, you will get an extra decorative style. This means it will design your space with a more decorative look. In total, you will get six different blades that are made with maple wood. The look of those blades is real satisfaction as those have a sleek feel into it. The blades are places with the perfect angles to work with the fan unit to provide you higher airflow. In the middle part of the fan, there is a decorative lighting system that will brighten up your space. Overall, this fan is a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor situations.

Features of Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove YG493OD-EB Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Kingsgrove YG493OD-EB outdoor ceiling fan from the Home Decorators collection. It has the quality to be in your house or outdoor environment. The finishing of the fan is excellent. In the material, it has bronze to provide you a longer lifetime.

The Kensgrove outdoor ceiling fan has great features that make it perfect for any kind of usage. Here’s I have explained them in detail:

Multiple Blades

The blades of this ceiling fan are a unique thing to discuss. It has eight separate blades all overlapping each other. This makes the fan perfect for wider area coverage. Those are maple blades and it can withstand any rough weather. As this unit has eight separate blades they can easily bring strong air circulation with minimum rotation.

Outdoor Perfect

The whole fan is tested in outside conditions. It can perform perfectly in indoor and outdoor conditions. As the ceiling fan does not like that much moisture condition, this unit can continue to circulate without any dampness. If the fan is placed outside it may have to deal with rainwater. But this ceiling fan will be perfect as it does not get damaged due to rainwater or any kind of humidity.

Remote Control

With this great looking ceiling fan you will get a remote controlling system. The remote is handy and has all the buttons to operate the ceiling fan unit perfectly. The remote comes with a battery unit so you don’t have to run for it after buying the fan unit.

9. Emerson CF135DBZ Callito Cove Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Emerson Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

In terms of decoration, this ceiling fan can beat any of the other outdoor ceiling fans. It’s a highly decorative Emerson outdoor ceiling fan. With this at your ceiling, you can easily get relaxed with its’ air and look. Additionally, there is also a sleight kit available in the middle part of the fan. This light is shielded with a warm-toned glass panel. Overall this fan will give you a warm and comfortable atmosphere with its performance and decoration. The blades of this fan are also full of decorations. Those four blades are leaf-shaped and have decorative work on both of their sides. The vintage brown color also adds more personality to the fan style. Most of all, this fan is weather resistance. It means you don’t have to overlook if any part of the fan is facing direct exposure to the environment. It can continue its rotation with a high-performance motor. This can also bear rainy water and a high moisture environment. You can use this fan unit on the balcony, garage, public place or your home.

Features of Emerson CF135DBZ Callito Cove Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson Callito Cove is a new and decorative outdoor ceiling fan. This fan has leaf design blades that bring life to the place. It has a laid out feeling that can create magical moments. The built-in light also provides you a warm environment when you will need it.

The Callito Cove CF135DBZ from Emerson outdoor ceiling fan has several features to mention and here are some of them:

Eye Catchy Design

This outdoor ceiling fan is the perfect solution for your favorite outdoor place. It can decorate your outdoor area as it has an eye-catching design. The coating and coloring are great for the outer environment. However, if you use this ceiling fan inside your house then it can also increase the overall decoration of the interior.

Durable Blades

In this ceiling fan you will get blades that are designed with a leaf shape. Also, there are small details in the blade to give it real attention. Those blades are weather resistant and it can be perfect for any type of outdoor place. But you have to make sure that it gets roof protection, and it will be enough.

Damp Rated

The wet rated label means that the fan is perfectly built to resist wet conditions. You can place the fan outside and it can work completely fine even if it gets in touch with rainwater. This will allow you to use this fan outside and you can get a good user experience. It will not get any kind of damage or degradation due to wet conditions.

10. Hampton Bay YG187-BN Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Hampton Bay Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

The coating of this ceiling fan in brushed nickel and it gives a glossy coating over the body. We are talking about the Hampton Bay outdoor ceiling fan. This fan has five blades with 52 inches span in total. The blades are long enough to provide ventilation in a wider space. However, those blades are completely reversible with the powerful motor of this fan. This enables you to change the airflow upward and downward. You can set the fan setting spatially for winter and summer to provide you consistent cooling and warm airflow. You can also use the light setting in the ceiling fan if you want.

Features of Hampton Bay YG187-BN Ceiling Fan

The Hampton bay YG187-BN outdoor ceiling fan is one of the most durable ceiling fans. It has strong and durable blades to provide you with strong and flowing air. Although this unit does not have any light settings, it can be integrated easily.

Here are all the features of Hampton bay ceiling fan that can blow your mind:

Durable Body

The body of this ceiling fan unit is strong and it can suit any kind of outside weather. The whole body of this fan is built with Brushed Nickel and it will decorate your inside or outside environment.

Multiple Blades

In this ceiling fan unit, you will get the standard five blades. Those are not very big in length and it makes the ceiling fan perfect for small places. As the blade length is small, but the width is enough to provide you fast and well-controlled airflow throughout the year.

Pulling Chain Control

Here you will also get an attached pulling chain. Using this stylish pulling chain you can control the ceiling fan functionality. You have to just pull the chain the fan will get turned off and if you do it again it will turn on. It’s an easy and classic way to easily turn on and off without any additional effect.

Easy Installation

The installation of the whole ceiling fan is quite easy. Even an unprofessional can install the ceiling fan without any trouble. In the fan, you will also get a helping manual to guide you in the process. Thus you can also uninstall it anytime from your ceiling.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

There are a lot of variations of an outdoor ceiling fan available to choose from. You may get headaches to go through all of them. That’s why I, here I have mentioned some key and important features and aspects of a ceiling fan that you must look up to before deciding upon one fan unit.

Here I have mentioned the points to consider when you review any outdoor ceiling fan:

Area Coverage

The most and first important thing that you should keep in mind is how much space you need to get ventilated. Not all outdoor ceiling fans are giving ventilation to your required area. Your outdoor space may be bigger than the average space. Or you may be getting a stylish ceiling fan for your vacancy, garage or other small places. It all depends upon what place you want to use the ceiling fan in. In case you have a smaller area, go for a ceiling fan that has a smaller blade span. On the other side, if your space is larger, the ceiling fan with a bigger blade span is recommended. You should not get a beast to ventilate your small outdoor spaces. It will be a waste of money and electricity bills as well. So, that’s why you should carefully major or think about the outdoor area size you have. Then you should get a fan that is a perfect match to provide airflow to that size of space.

Ceiling Height

If we consider choosing a ceiling fan, the second thing we will consider is our ceiling height. In many places, the ceiling fan is not in the correct height. You may find your ceiling is a bit shorter than others. And you may also find in a situation when the ceiling is too far away from your reach. That’s why choosing a different kind of ceiling fan comes handy.

If you have a ceiling that is 9 feet or lower in height from the ceiling, get yourself a low profile or hugger fan. The hugger fan is also called a flush mount. Those fans take less place from the ceiling to operate. It will surely increase the safety of the place and proper ventilation from time to time. Now, if you have a ceiling that majours 9 feet or standard, then you can go for a low profile ceiling fan. Those fans can also be extended using their downrod. That downrod height is changeable and you can push them upward and downward anytime. Lastly, if your fan is higher than any normal ceiling height, then you should go for a ceiling fan that has longer downrod. This way you can get proper ventilation and avoid getting any ceiling fan that is unfit for your specific outdoor situation.


Here comes the mounting option. Mounting is very important as not all fans come with all kinds of mounting. If you have a plain ceiling then you can have any kind of mounting system. But if there is any kind of slope at your ceiling then you have to buy a ceiling fan that has an angle mounting option. This feature allows the ceiling fan to get installed easily to any angled ceiling or slope. Nowadays, many ceiling fans have a tri-mount feature. That means you can install them on any kind of ceiling you want. It won’t affect its performance and productivity. However, if you don’t need to install your outdoor ceiling fan to any slope, going for a normal fan will be best. In case you have a slope at the installation place of the ceiling fan, the tri-mount feature is recommended.


Generally the ceiling fan’s main working part is their blades. Through their blades, we get uninterrupted and smooth airflow. So, you should also consider the blades when you are searching for an outdoor ceiling fan. When you review any outdoor ceiling fan, you should also check their blades. How many of them and which material they have in. The basic rule is, the longer the blades are, the wider you will get airflow. Also, the high number of blades are good to generate quick airflow, but they are not necessary. The angle of the blades is also an important factor to get high-speed airflow. The blades must be placed to a unique angle to create airflow out of the rotations. The formation of the blades is also important. In some ceiling fans, you will get delta formation with three blades. The formation is also effective to get high-speed airflow with a comparably low amount of blades. But if you did not have a budget shortage, more blades will be the best solution.


Using an outdoor ceiling fan with ease is the final destination we are going for. That’s why you must check the controlling system of any ceiling fan you want to go for. In general, there are three types of controlling you will get from an outdoor ceiling fan. Those are pulled chain, remote and wall switch. You won’t find all of them in one ceiling fan unit. Some provide pull chain and wall switch and others go with remote or switch to provide you ultra convenience.
Damp Rated: When choosing an air unit for outdoor usage, you must think about the damp. Outside weather is not clammed like inside your room. The weather might be shiny, rainy or gloomy. Those are not perfect for any normal ceiling fan unit. But, outdoor ceiling fans have a damp rating to provide you the assurance that it can survive the humidity of the weather. So, be sure to check out for a damp rating on your favorite outdoor ceiling fan. Without a proper damp rating, no ceiling fan can resist things like rainwater and humidity. If you choose a ceiling fan that has a damp rating, you have to guarantee that it will work great even if the weather is harsh on the machine.

Design & Style

Most of us, we love to decorate our places. When it comes to outdoor spaces it should be well decorated unless you are using it for your garage. There are two types of ceiling fans available on the market based on the style. The first one is mostly tailored to show the decoration it has. But the decoration might hamper the performance of the ceiling fan. However, most of the decorative ceiling fans work the same as their other non-decorative fans. But it cost higher than the others. However, if you are just seeking a ceiling fan to use in places like your garage or silent spaces, then any normal ceiling fan will be great. Those ceiling fans are also fine but they don’t have the decoration that other decorative ceiling fans have as a counterpart.

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