The 10 Best Whole House Fans of 2023

The innovation of the whole house fan is quite fascinating. Spatially people who are upset with the high amount of bills they get in summer when fan units have to run for day long. With those added features and benefits, they have become an easy and cheaper way of getting your house cooler. However, choosing a whole house fan for your house is not as easy as it sounds. You have to check all of the key points to determine if that fan is perfect for you or not.

Top 10 Best Whole House Fans 2023

So, here is our top 10 list of the best whole house fans for the money.

  1. QA-Deluxe 5500(R2T) Whole House Fan
  2. QuietCool QC ES-4700 Whole House Fan
  3. TPI BD362WHS Belt Drive Whole House Fan
  4. Tamarack TTi-HV1600r38 R38 Whole House Fan
  5. Centric Air 3.4B Whole House Fan
  6. Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD Whole House Fan
  7. Dayton 1LXN8 Whole House Fan
  8. Air Vent 54508 Whole House Fan
  9. Master Flow 30BWHFS Whole House Fan
  10. Ventamatic CX24BD2SPD Whole House Fan

Whole House Fan Reviews

1. QA-Deluxe 5500(R2T) Whole House Fan Review

QA-Deluxe Whole House Fan Review

If you are really into quality, QA-Deluxe whole house fan is a perfect one to go for. This fan has two different speeds to choose from. You can easily manage those functions with a wireless remote. The remote offers you the control of speeds, temperature, and timer. Yes, you can maintain and check the current temperature of your house. The fan has a unique technology to eliminate vibration and noise. From this whole house fan, you will get 3945 CFM airflow. And this is a standard fan unit with lubricated motor for long term usage. You will get satisfaction and ventilation without compromising your comfort.

Features of QA-Deluxe 5500(R2T) Whole House Fan

QA-Deluxe 5500(R2T) whole house fan is made in the USA. It is a quality and durable whole fan unit with extra features. The fan is built to suit the Dufault central hole of your house. However, the installation is also easier for this whole fan unit. Here I will go through key features of QA-Deluxe 5500(R2T).

As we like to talk about the features of this whole house fan, there are lots of things to discuss. Here’s some of them:

Energy Efficient

This whole house fan is an alternative way to keep your house cooler on hot days. Typically, if you use other fan units in summer times, you will get a high electricity bill. It’s a great problem for almost every household. But you can reduce this problem with this whole house fan. If you install this fan in your house, then it can reduce the electricity bill for up to 90%. This will provide your total savings and satisfaction to you.

Easy Installation

The QA-Deluxe 5500(R2T) has an easy installation process. It takes only 90 minutes to install on any house. The manufacturer has simplified the installation process for you. There is also an installation manual to guide the process. It does not take any hard work to fit the whole house fan on your house ceiling. Thus, it will cost you less as you will need less amount of labor.

Remote Control

There is also a great option for controlling. You will get a touch screen remote control. The remote fan is handy and you can command all the necessary options to your whole house fan. It is convenient to use this whole fan use with remote control.

2. QuietCool QC ES-4700 Whole House Fan Review

QuietCool Whole House Fan Review

In this QuietCool whole house fan, you will get no vibration air ventilation. The overall fan is well designed and it can go for a continuous service without any interruption. The powerful motor of this whole house fan provides proper circulation of air. Firstly, it will grab all the cool air and pull them towards your house. If you place the unit at the center point of your house, it will remove hot air, odors and make the air quality better. The useful duct system makes sure that no air is pushing trough the hole when the fan is not in use.

Features of QuietCool QC ES-4700 Energy Saver Fan

The QuietCool QC ES-4700 is a fantastic whole house fan with lots of cool features. It is a well-built fan that will provide you consistent ventilation throughout the entire house. There are all types of facilities that you can get from a highly rated whole house fan.

Let’s dive into the features of QuietCool QC ES-4700 Fan and break them down with detail:

Quiet Operation

As the whole house fans have lots of components working together, they might cause problems if they are not well structured. In this whole house fan, you will get the perfect setting to avoid any kind of sound or vibration issue. The fan and motor unit is hung on the attic of your house. It will neutralize the air sound smoothly. This whole use fan has the specialized damper technology that prevents the whole house fan to create any vibration and transfer it to the wall of your house. For those types of special facilities, you won’t hear any odd vibrating sound that old whole-house fans make. You will be safe from those awkward sounds and get high airflow.

Barometric Damper

The QuietCool QC ES-4700 fan has a special type of damper. It’s barometric and it prevents the heat and cooling loss in between the main part of your house and the attic. So, your house will not lose any type of heat when it is winter. The hole of the fan is properly insulated and it will work like a ceiling object.

3. TPI BD362WHS Belt Drive Whole House Fan Review

TPI Whole House Fan Review

This is TPI BD362WHS whole house fan and it has a great feature to provide you ventilation in your house. As a speed level, you will get two different types. The first one is low and the second one is high. The fan also has an easy installation process. That’s why you can easily install this whole fan in your house. The shutters of this whole fan are also automatic. When you turn the fan unit on, the shutter will automatically open the slots. After turning off the fan unit, the slider will lock tightly. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

Features of TPI BD362WHS Belt Drive Whole house Fan

In this TPI BD362WHS Whole house fan, you will get lots of convenient features to use. It is a 36 inches standard whole house fan with a powerful motor. The fan is perfect to cool down your area and pull in air from outside.

Here I will talk about the features and their details that you will get in TPI BD362WHS whole house fan:

Quality Motor

Here you will get a motor that can provide you long-time service. It does not make any type of disturbing sound when running. Due to high-quality motor, it can run continuously without giving your effects. The blades are also placed perfectly on the motor. As the fan motor provides direct circulation to the blades, you will get a high flowing whole house fan. The air will get into your house or that specific area.


You can use this whole house fan in your house or any industrial space. It can run in a residential and any professional industrial project. It can easily manage the situation and provide your perfect ventilation. Wherever you place the whole house fan, it will provide you with non-stop ventilation by dragging cool air from outside. It is perfect for any home or place where you want to eliminate any type of odor. Using this fan unit you can maintain a good air quality that is healthy for humans. If you use this fan on any professional projects, it will provide you maintenance-free long term service.

4. Tamarack TTi-HV1600r38 R38 Whole House Fan Review

Tamarack Whole House Fan Review

This is Tamarack TTi-HV1600r38 whole house fan. This is an industry-standard fan witch has all the required options it in. The operation of this whole house fan is low. Even in high-speed mode, the noise level is 65 decibels. That’s why you won’t hear any odd sound when the fan is running. After installing the fan unit you can use the interior ceiling grill to cover the hole. The grills are perfectly designed to match your house interior. This whole house fan is also automated. And the slot will automatically operate when starting and turning off.

Features of Tamarack TTi-HV1600r38 R38 Insulated Whole House Fan

If you are looking for high performing whole house fan, here is a perfect piece. This Tamarack TTi-HV1600r38 whole house fan comes with lots of advanced features. This fan is R38 Insulated and automation in its operation. Here I am going to go through the features of this amazing whole house fan.

In the Tamarack TTi-HV1600r38 fan unit, you will get convenience and satisfaction at the same place. Here are the features of this whole house fan:

High Speed

As far as speed is concerned, you will get fast and continuously running motor in this whole house fan. With this highly rotating blades, the air will flow easily throughout your house. This type of airflow makes your house cool and eliminates hot vibes. In this whole house fan, you will get two different speeds to operate. Those two speeds are created to provide you a sort of customized experience with the fan unit.

Easy Control System

So, you have seen that there are two different speeds to choose from. The controlling of the functions and speed of this fan is also easy. You will get an external remote control with this whole house fan. The remote works with radio frequency to command the whole house fan. There are all kinds of options that you may need to use. You just have to press the specific option and your whole house fan will start operating according to your command.

Interior Ceiling Panel

The manufacturer of this whole house fan Tamarack has also created an interior ceiling panel. After installation of the fan unit at your ceiling, you just have to attach the panel at the housing slot. And it will cover up the whole and make it merge with the interior.

5. Centric Air 3.4B Whole House Fan Review

Centric Air Whole House Fan Review

With this Centric Air whole house fan, you can get better ventilation in your house. This fan is designed with German technology. Thus, it provides a 30 percent higher power than any general whole house fan. In this fan, you will get a remote controlling system. With the remote control, you can toggle between the speeds timer and temperatures. However, the fan will provide you noise-free ventilation process. You won’t hear any sound and feel any smell in your house. The ventilation process is smooth and does not take any excess power consumption. Also, the installation of the fan is easy and quick.

Features of Centric Air 3.4B Whole House Fan

The Centric Air 3.4B whole house fan is a great unit for small to the big-sized house. You can install it at your attic and enjoy niece flowing ventilation throughout your house. This whole house fan can provide you 3242 CFM airflow which is a great amount for a whole house fan.

The Centric Air whole house fan provides you several key features to use. Here’s I have mentioned them one by one:


When it comes to whole house fan, very few fans provide you the versatility that you will get in this fan. This fan has a powerful motor and power system. It provides you high performance for a long time. It has all the new technologies and options to provide you smooth and hustle free ventilation.

Power Saver

Generally, a typical air unit costs you lots of money as you have to use lots of them to cool down the house. But in this whole house fan, you can get the saving option. By installing this fan to your attic and central point of your house, you can minimize the cost that you have to bear in summer days. With a whole house fan, you can reduce the usage of regular fans. As you will get cool air coming into your house, you don’t have to use any additional fan units. This will let you save your electricity bill and you will get satisfied cooling all day long. It will run for an hour with a cost of a few cents. It’s great to feature for every family.

6. Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD Whole House Fan Review

Cool Attic Whole House Fan Review

As we discuss total quality, The Cool Attic’s this whole house fan will be another mentionable fan. It is made with USA materials and has the durability and power it should have. There are no cheap materials in this fan and all of the mechanism is fully USA based. Therefore, it provides you highly powerful motor and well-balanced blades. The ventilation process of this fan is fast and you can manage the functionalities easily. In total, you will get two speeds in your fan. It’s a high standard fan with a durable body and key useful features.

Features of Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD Belt Drive 2-Speed Whole House Fan

The Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD belt drive is a silent and high-quality whole house fan. In total the size of this whole house fan is 30 inches. Here I will go through the key features of this whole house fan.

Here I will explain the features of Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD whole house fan:

Quality Material

As always, in this whole house fan, you will get quality material. The whole fan is made in the USA. So, there is nothing to worry about cheap parts or mechanisms. It has the quality and trust to provide you durable service shout out of years of use. The body and inside materials are high in quality and it can serve the right conditions. The premium quality materials making sure that you get less maintenance and save your money.

Area Coverage

You will get top class ventilation with this whole house fan. The fan takes less space on your ceiling but it can ventilate a bigger space without any trouble. The fan will maintain a ventilation process in your house when it is running. The cool air will flow into your house and go through the fan housing set. Due to this ventilation process, your home will be much cooler with less effort. You can avoid the high temperature of your house and maintain the airflow using this whole house fan.

Weather Resistant

Unlike other whole-house fans, this fan can provide you the assurance on the weather resistance. The material of this whole house fan is durable and it can resist bad weather conditions and some sorts of high humidity.

7. Dayton 1LXN8 Whole House Fan Review

Dayton Whole House Fan Review

This whole house fan can provide you performance like a highly rated whole house fan without hurting your bank. The quality of this Dayton Whole house fan is superb as the housing and the blades are created long term usage in mind. The operation of this whole house fan is quiet and it will work perfectly in your attic. In mechanism, it has a belt drive system. Here the motor will be directly connected to the rotating unit of the fan. This way you will get more rotation with less energy usage. In this whole house fan, you will get a happily ventilated house within your range.

Features of Dayton 1LXN8 Whole House Fan

Dayton 1LXN8 whole house fan has perfectly angled blades and heavy-duty parts. The system is recommended for all kinds of house and it can provide consistent cooling even on hot days.

Here are the features of Dayton 1LXN8 Whole House Fan with detailed information:

Smooth Operation

Let’s talk about the smoothness of this whole house fan. The operation is smooth and it does not create any bad sounds. Also, the built-in system does not make any vibration and it does to transfer to the ceiling or wall. This feature lets you enjoy the cooling and ventilation of this whole house fan without noise. The noise level is quite low even if you check it at high speed. If you place this fan at the central place of your house, it can easily ventilate the whole house area without disturbing anyone.

Quality Blades

With four different blades, this whole house fan will firstly exhaust air from your house. Here you will get four perfectly fitted blades connected to the powerful belt-driven motor. The angle of the blades is also perfect to create proper ventilation. Regardless of the application you use, it can maintain healthy air quality and low temperature.

Energy Saver

With whole-house fans like this, you can save a lot of money. It will not waste any form of electricity when it is running continuously. The plus point is that you won’t have to use any other fan unit to lower the temperature of your house.

8. Air Vent 54508 Whole House Fan Review

Air Vent Whole House Fan Review

Here are 36 inches big whole house fan. This fan has all the parts made with great detail. Using this fan you can easily get a ventilated and healthy house. However, this fan is also a multipurpose machine. That means you can use it in your residential and industrial projects. It can continuously ventilate any area of 2300 square feet. The installation process is easy as you will get an instruction manual with it. For better-controlling, you will get a wall switch with speed options. You can change the speed by pressing buttons. It’s an optimum way to get a ventilated and cool home at a lower cost.

Features of Air Vent 54508 36″ Whole House Fan

The Air Vent 54508 is a quality whole house fan that can provide ventilation to 2300 square feet. This unit can produce airflow up to 6900 CFM. It is perfect and enough to provide high-quality airflow to your house.

If you look closely at this whole house fan, there are lots of features that are perfectly tailored to your use. Let’s discuss them:

Easy Controlling

This whole house fan provides you higher controlling system than others. With easily and fast hustle free controlling you can manage the functions and get customized service. There are two different speed settings to choose from. The first one is low and the other one is high. You will get a separate wall switch to operate the speed setting and other functions. However, you can also manage the timer and temperature of the house with the offered operations.


If you are seeking a convenient fan, this AIR VENT whole house fan model provides it all. Here, the unit takes much lesser space at your ceiling. Also, it provides all the settings to install it easily. The main fan is located in the upper part of the fan. This will eliminate vibration and sound to create. Thus, the slot of this whole house fan features automatic shutters. It opens and closes automatically providing you another level of convenience.

Damp Rated

The whole house fan unit provides complete protection with their protective damp. It prevents the attic air to flow into your house when the fan is not in use.

9. Master Flow 30BWHFS Whole House Fan Review

Master Flow Whole House Fan Review

This belt drives the whole house fan has a silent ventilation system. Here you will get proper airflow that goes into the fan and ends up at your attic. However, the system is operated with belt and motor. This way you will get more speed and ventilation with a lower energy bill. This type of whole house fan is a great way to eliminate summer times skyrocketing electric bills. this unit uses less energy and keeps your house cool by removing hot air vibes. This whole house fan is also an effective way to maintain a certain type of temperate. This feature is especially helpful if you use it in an industrial project.

Features of Ll Building Products 30BWHFS 30-Inch Whole House Fan

Master Flow 30BWHFS whole house fan comes with aluminum-coated blades and powerful belt-drive motor. The fan features a ceiling shutter and the total size of this fan unit is 30 inches.

Here I am going to tell you the important features of this Master flow 30BWHFS whole house fan:

Belt Drive Technology

To eliminate power loss and increase energy saving, this fan unit uses direct belt drive technology. Here the motor is connected directly to the rotor with a belt. The energy directly transfers to the rotor unit without any loss and blades get all the power the motor generates. It results in fast rotation of the blades making your house more ventilated. It also helps to prevent other problems of the fan unit and provides you hustle free service for years after years.


When you install the whole house fan you will get a nice looking shutter. You can use this shutter at the shot of the whole house fan damper. It has a classic white color and shutter blades. Those blades open up when you start the whole house fan. It also prevents heat or cooling loss between the attic and your house, when you do not use the whole house fan. So, in total it gives you interior decoration and protection from the dusty attic air.

Easy Installation

With the whole house fan you will get all the hardware that you may need. This makes it perfect for all enthusiastic DIY’ers to complete the installation. Also, there is a deleted instruction manual with the fan. The instructions are also easy to understand and implement.

10. Ventamatic CX24BD2SPD Whole House Fan Review

Ventamatic Whole House Fan Review

Getting a cool house has never been this easier when you have Ventamatic whole house fan. This whole house fan will provide you total comfort with the fast air ventilation system. Here your house will stay cool as the hot air is getting out from the home. It will be more beneficial if you install the fan unit at the central point of your house. However, the fan also offers you shutters that are made with aluminum. The shutter has a protective feature to prevent attic air from entering your living space. In total there are lots of options and features to provide you complete satisfaction.

Features of Ventamatic CX24BD2SPD Whole House Fan

Ventamatic CX24BD2SPD whole house fan has the assurance to provide you long-lasting maintenance-free ventilation service. It has all the features to compete with costly whole-house fans.

This whole house fan has great options and features that will provide you total comfort.


You can use this whole house fan to your house and any other projects. It has quality material to be in an industrial space performing for a long time. This whole house fan comes with the assurance to run over 24,000 hours in its lifetime. Therefore you can use this dynamic whole house fan it to your big space house or any industrial space. It will perform perfectly and the body of this fan is perfect for long term usage as they are while the powder-coated.


With this whole house fan you can create an amazing amount of ventilation airflow. The built-in mechanism makes it circulate more air in your house. If you turn the whole house fan, it will pull in cool air and grab all the hot air that your house has. That’s how it maintains an air circulation process and keep your house environment cool.


You will get total comfort with this whole house fan. In the summer season, your house can get high in temperature. And this can cause using a regular fan unit than cost you more. But if you start using this whole house fan, you will get much less electric bill and avoid using any other fan as your house will be cool all the time.

Whole House Fan Buying Guide

Whole house fan buying guide
how to choose the right whole house fan

Here I will talk about the features that you must consider when choosing a whole house fan for your house or garage:

Energy Expenditure

As we know, whole-house fans are an efficient way to cool your house, they must be energy-efficient too. By energy saving, I mean that it should use the power in a current way. If the fan uses less energy and provides more speedy ventilation than you will get lower electric bills. The energy-saving technology will come to play when you have to use your whole house fan all day long. In the end, you will save a lot of electricity bills that other fan units might cause you. That’s why choosing a whole house fan which is energy efficient in its operation, will be a great choice for your long term usage. When choosing a whole house fan look if the fan is providing your energy-saving operation or not. Be sure before you pick a fan unit for you.
Size: The size of a whole house fan is also a crucial factor. You might think that the smaller the fan is the better it will perform. But actually, it is not true when it comes to action. When choosing a whole house fan for your house or projects, you must seek for a unit that is large enough. Naturally, a bigger fan unit will make much less sound and cause you a headache. Because they always come with the better suspension to the ceiling and damper. Also, make sure that the bigger whole house fan unit is using less energy possible. If those two factors combine two in a unit, that will be a perfect one to go for. So, you should not go for smaller units less you fall short on the budget. The smaller fans are not much worse, but there will be a chance to get sound or vibration problems. So, always try to look for a comparably bigger whole house unit.

Operation Noise

Often, noise is a big potential problem for almost every fan unit. It is not an exception for fans of the whole house. They can also create fuzzy noise or vibration that causes you odd sound throughout the house. That’s why you should consider a whole house fan that makes a minimum amount of noise. A general theory to choose a fan that makes lower sound is more blades. Yes, the whole house fan unit with more blades will create fewer sounds. Those will also flow perfectly whatever the speed is. However, the damper and other construction of the whole house fan at your attic can also be a factor when we talk about noise. Be sure to check the upper settings of the fan which will work on your attic. However, you should also be aware that a direct belt drive whole house fan can also create some sort of sound. Although they provide extra rotation in less energy and most of the fan’s sound is bearable, you can go for the fan where the rotor is hanging. This all depends upon your requirement and budget. So review those two options and choose a fan that fits your house or any professional projects you are currently on.


Most of the time, we don’t think about the shutter when you check the whole house fan units. The shutter is a set that goes at your ceiling where the whole house fan’s slot and the damper are attached to. The whole house fan will work through the shutter to grab hot air and force cool air to enter your house. That’s why the shutter must be a quality one and good looking. Look the shutter must go with your interior. That’s why whole house fans come with their built-in shutters. Make sure to review them and check if it goes with the interior of your home. Another important thing is that many whole house fans provide you with automatic shutters. This means the shutter will automatically open and close when the fan starts and stops. It is a great option to have as the shutter will be closed by itself when you turn off the fan. This also makes sure that no air is transmitted between the attic and the living space of your house.

Control System

As like any other fan unit, controlling is a must-check option for us. Generally, many of the whole house fans will provide you basic two-speed controlling. That’s ok for a lot of people as small variation will not make that much impact on your house. But if you are looking for a whole house fan for industrial or any Professional projects where minor speed changes are important, check out industrial standard whole house fan. They also offer you an external controller to control the speed. However, you will get a remote control for most of the modern whole house fan. And some will provide you with a wall switch. The remote controlling feature is the most demanding. But the wall switch also works fine to control the whole house fan unit.


The whole house fan installation is also a crucial subject to think about. You should make sure that the whole house fan you are choosing has an easy installation and comes with an instruction manual. The manual should also be easy to understand. It will be better if you are a DIY’er and want to install a whole house fan at your house quickly.

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