The 10 Best Pedestal Fans of 2023

Choosing the best pedestal fan for your house or industrial space according to your needs is very much important. In the current marketplace, you can find many pedestal fans with different specifications. It is normal if any fan does not meet your requirements. That’s why considering some facts and features is essential for a good pedestal fan. This guide will help you to choose a good pedestal fan that lives up your expectations.

Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans

So, here is our top 10 list of the best pedestal fans for home, office, garage, outdoor, industrial use etc.

Best Overall: Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan
“The most versatile, the tallest which provides comfortable, whole-room air circulation, along with durable metal construction and classic design.”

Super Quiet: Rowenta VU5670 Turbo silence Pedestal Fan
“Extremely silent, 5 speed settings for powerful airflow, convenience, a great choice for home or office.”

Best for Widespread Oscillation: Pelonis Quiet DC Motor Oscillating Pedestal Fan
“Powerful, Super Quiet and Cool, Easy Control, Unique Intelligent Technology with Memory Function, Widespread Oscillation, Adjustable Height and Tilt.”

Best Brand: Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan
“Heavy-Duty, Stable Base, Wide Oscillation, Removable grille for easy cleaning.”

Elegant but Expensive: Dyson Air Multiplier AM08 Pedestal Fan
“Powerful airflow, Quieter, Less Power Consumed Air Multiplier with Sleep timer and Remote control.”

Best High Speed: Klarstein Silent Storm Pedestal Fan
“Strong performance, digital DC motor, high quality, flexible, changeable tilt / inclination angle.”

Best for Large Room: Lasko 1885 Cyclone Pedestal Fan
“Programmable timer, Fully adjustable height, Multi-function with remote control.”

Best for Industrial Use: Air King 9420 Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan
“Powerful motor with adjustable settings, powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability for offices, stores, garages, warehouses and any other industrial space.”

Best for Cooling: Costway Whisper Quiet Pedestal Fan
“Dual-blade design, programmable timer, remote control for optimum comfort and consistent breeze.”

Best for Sleeping: AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan
“Quiet oscillating fan, 24 speeds and 3 airflow modes, quiet DC motor for a less noisy environment and energy-saving auto-timer.”

Pedestal Fan Reviews

1. Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan Review

Vornado Pedestal Fan Review

The Vornado VFan series Sr. Pedastal fan is a great piece for almost any kind of room. The design is classic, durable and trustworthy. This model is the tallest, adjustable height from 42 to 55 inches, the stand of the fan is completely customizable. You can reduce the fan height up to 55 inches. The head is the pivot which is fully movable and flexible. The design of this fan is an exception with dual cone and propeller blades for high airflow. Also, the grills are designed to ensure you and your family complete comfort and protection.

Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal – Specifications

ProductVornado VFAN Sr.
Dimensions15.5 x 18.1 x 55 in.
Weight21.18 lbs.
Height Adjustment 42 – 55 in.
Blade Size9.75 in.
Speed Settings3
Control StyleMechanical
Max. Speed613 CFM
Max. Sound53 dB
Power Cord Length6 ft
What’s IncludedMini wrench and bolts
Warranty5 years

Features of Vornado Pedestal Fan

VFAN Sr. pedestal vintage air circulator fan perhaps the most versatile, made by renowned company Vornado. The classic vintage metal design is perfect for circulating a lot of air at once. The fan is best for people who are looking for classic vintage stylish air circulator with a durable body.

After doing research, we found these features of the Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal fan. Let’s check them out:


As this fan is classic and vintage, you can surely rely on its quality. The product material and design both of them are up to the top. Above all of those comes from the popular Vornado’s promise.

Vortex Technology

You will also get new vortex technology into this fan unit. This is an innovation from Vornado that facilitates air circulation throughout the rooms.


This fan has a long built-in stand. The stand can expand up to 42 to 55 inches. So, it will be much easier to set up this fan for any kind of situation.

Vornado pedestal fan height adjustment

Vornado VFan Sr. Pedestal can provide you multi-directional airflow. Which will be great for bigger rooms. You can easily direct the air with your hand. The stand is flexible and easy to move.

VFAN Sr. pedestal fan airflow direction
Best Fit

As long as the airflow, you can get a decent airflow in any mode or settings. As the blades are deep and wide, they generate much more wind than any normal fan unit.


The fan won’t create any noise throughout the active period. It’s quite even in high-speed mode. So, it won’t hurt your sleep in any way.

2. Rowenta VU5670 Turbo silence Pedestal Fan Review

Rowenta VU5670 Turbo silence Stand Fan Oscillating Fan with Remote Control

This is stylish looking Rowenta pedestal fan is designed for high performance. All of the body material is designed to provide optimum airflow. The blades are colored with an aquatic blue color which looks great. It has five blades with a superbly engineered angle. So, it can provide much more airflow than any normal blades. The body of this fan unit has a built-in handle which will help you to carry the unit to any location easily. Lastly, the operation of this fan is super smooth. You won’t hear any noise during the operation of the fan.

Rowenta VU5670 Turbo – Specifications

ProductRowenta VU5670
Dimensions23 x 19.5 x 55 in.
Weight21.18 lbs.
Height Adjustment42 – 54 in.
Blade Size16 in.
Blade No.5
Speed Settings5
Control StyleElectronical
Max. Speed2436 cfm
Max. Sound35 dB
Power Cord Length5 ft.
What’s IncludedRemote
Warranty1 year

Features of Rowenta VU5670 Turbo silence

The Rowenta VU5670 is a great oscillating fan that can provide you with boosted wind and longer services. It is really a fantastic unit that can satisfy you even at low speed. Overall it provides you a wide range of features that are enough for any fan.

Here are all the features that may aspect to have a good pedestal fan:

Remote Control

Remote controlling makes everything easy for you. With the remote, you can easily turn on or off the unit from distance without breaking your comfort. You don’t have to move yourself to just turn on the fan unit in the middle of the night.


Before the airspeed, the blades are the main focus of this fan unit. It has 5 strong blades that can circulate a lot of amount of air in a few seconds.

Air Flow

Rowenta fan can give you a continuous flow of air without any hustle. The airflow is super fast and silent compare to any other fan unit.

Built-in handle

In this fan unit you will get a built-in handle. Those handles are attached to the fan unit because you may need it in the future. It will be handy to move the fan unit one place to another.


The height of the fan is perfect for any type of occasion. You can easily slide it upwards or downwards at any time. You don’t need any screws or other materials to customize this fan.


The airflow is high and decent. The fan is quiet in its operation. Most of the time you won’t hear any sound at all.

3. Pelonis Quiet DC Motor Oscillating Pedestal Fan Review

Pelonis Quiet DC Motor Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Pelonis made a high tech and powerful pedestal fan with unique features. The fan features DC motor for their blades. As it has a DC motor, the operation is always quiet and perfect. It won’t disturb you in the middle of sleep. The unit is perfect for home or office usage. It has a safe and durable body. As far as safety is concerned, Pelonis has integrated strong girls to give protection from the spinning blade. The unit offers remote control for total comfort and control. The remote has all the functionality on their button. Overall the Pelonis pedestal fan will give you strong airflow and durable service.

Pelonis Quiet Pedestal Fan – Specifications

ProductPelonis Quiet
Dimensions17.83 x 15.75 x 53.94 in.
Weight21.9 lbs.
Height Adjustment47 – 53 in.
Blade Size15 in.
Blade No.5
Speed Settings5
Control StyleElectronical
Max. Speed2218 cfm
Max. Sound– dB
Power Cord Length– ft.
What’s IncludedRemote
Warranty– year

Features of Pelonis Quiet Pedestal Fan

The Pelonis comes with a brand new pedestal fan which has so many features and facilities that you can’t imagine. This fan unit has all the great functionality to be a top-rated fan. The unit can provide you long-lasting services with it’s a durable and unique design.

Here are some of the top features that Pelonis pedestal fan has in it:


The airspeed of this unit is heavy and it can provide much more airflow in less power. The DC motor of this unit also facilitates the airflow boost.


As it has a DC motor in it, the sound is always minimum. As it has the DC motor, this machine can provide you faster airflow with making less sound. It will not give you any headache even if you use it continuously.

Memory Function

It’s a new technology from Pelonis. And you will get this with this fan unit. As it has a memory function, it can turn off according to your programmed time. So, as a consumer, you don’t face high electricity bills.

Ease of use

To provide you the ease of use, Pelonis fan offers you remote control and LCD screen. The screen shows you the current condition of the machine and the remote helps you to control the unit with ease.


With this oscillating fan unit, you will get in a total of five modes. All of them are built for different age groups. So, we can say that this fan is built for every age of people and every house.

4. Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan Review

Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan

This pedestal fan unit comes from popular brand Honeywell. It has a unique and classy design. The fan is available in both black & white colors. Aside from the look, the pedestal fan unit can provide you consistent airflow with customized settings. The fan has some fantastic built-in functionality like three different speed settings and modes. The head of this fan has a double blade. This new technology helps the unit to generate more airflow in every spin. As a result, you will get strong airflow throughout your house. This pedestal fan can also improve the air quality of your house. In total, it can provide you strong airflow and long-lasting quality services.

Honeywell Pedestal Fan – Specifications

ProductHoneywell 16
Dimensions18 x 15 x 48 in.
Weight14.45 lbs.
Height Adjustmentup to 48 in.
Blade Size16 in.
Blade No.3 x 2
Speed Settings3
Control StyleElectronical
Max. Speed
Max. Sound
Power Cord Length– ft.
What’s IncludedRemote
Warranty– year

Features of Honeywell Pedestal Fan

As we can know, Honeywell products are of high quality. This new circulation fan unit is also of high quality. It has a clean and classy design with all the features that you might look for. It’s specially made for all kinds of people.

This unit has lots of latest features for you. Here I will explain them in a list:

Easy Controlling

With the Honeywell pedestal fan, you will get easy controlling electrical features. Using the electrical controlling features, you can set the timer for on and off.


You can get multiple modes and settings. Like, here you can get three separate power and breeze settings. These options are great to save power and to control airflow.

Electric bill

This circulation fan can work alternative to your current AC or fan unit. It is provided that, Honeywell pedestal fan can eliminate the extra cost and provide you non-stop fresh air.


When performance meets design, we get total satisfaction. The design is unique and attractive. Also, the grills of the fan are designed for the safety of our kids and pets.

Adjustable Height

The fan base is solid and the stand is adjustable. Using the stand you can adjust the height. The stand can reduce the total height in a few seconds which is a great feature to use.

Double Blade

Blades are an essential part of any air circulation fan. Thus, you will get a double blade with this Honeywell pedestal fan unit. The double blade feature makes sure that you get the maximum amount of airflow.

5. Dyson Air Multiplier AM08 Pedestal Fan Review

Dyson Air Multiplier AM08 Pedestal Fan

It’s the Dyson pedestal fan with air multiplying technology. Due to the new technology, it does not use any kind of blade to generate airflow. Instead, it grabs nearby air and throws them into the panel to generate airflow. The unit has a futuristic design that can grab the attention of anyone. You can get a 35% quieter operation from the Dyson air multiplying pedestal fan. As it doesn’t use any blade, there is no risk for injury. So, it would best if you have a kid or pets at home. The set comes with remote control and programming features.

Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan – Specifications

ProductDyson AM08
Dimensions6.6 x 23.1 x 21.1 in.
Weight14.65 lbs.
Height Adjustment43 – 55 in.
Blade SizeNo blade
Blade No.
Speed Settings10
Control StyleElectronical
Max. Speed
Max. Sound
Power Cord Length– ft.
What’s IncludedRemote

Features of Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan

This is a new age air multiplier fan that looks completely futuristic with a slick and slim design. The performance is unbeatable and the airflow is better and faster. The advanced features make it more perfect to be on the checklist.

This fan attracts our eyes for it also has great features. Here’s some of them:

Air Multiplying

This technology is the latest innovation to grab air and make it faster with lower sound. It grabs the air from its surroundings and takes them into the portal. Which results in high-quality airflow in less time.


As this unit features an Air-multiplying solution, it reduces the noise up to 35% and more. Instead of increasing sound, it increases the velocity of the air and speed. The noise is next to nothing in this unit. It gives a high shoot to this air circulating fan.


The Dyson multiplier fan offers you various types of control. It gives you several modes and settings for your preference. All of those are created for your comfort and ease of use.


Aside from its futuristic look, this unit can also feature multiple programing. You can set the fan to turn off at the scheduled time. It will shut off according to your time. And it will help you to manage your electricity bill.


You can easily tilt the machine according to your needs. The head of the fan can rotate and tilt to a decent angel. Unless you angle it to the extreme, it can provide you with continue airflow in any angle.

6. Klarstein Silent Storm Pedestal Fan Review

Klarstein Silent Storm Pedestal Fan

If you are looking for a high flowing pedestal fan, the Klarstein silent storm pedestal fan can help you out. This unit comes with a durable body and high-quality materials. The inside mechanism is built to save your electricity bill as it consumes less power. The unit has an LCD screen on it displaying temperature in a big and bright letter. Also, the fan has an adjustable stand which means you can set it to different heights. And you will get 12 different speed settings to get the perfect flow as you want. Above all, it features a quiet DC motor witch makes almost no sound during its operation.

Klarstein Silent Storm Pedestal Fan – Specifications

ProductKlarstein Storm
Dimensions15.7 x 17.7 x 53.9 in.
Weight17.1 lbs.
Height Adjustment47 – 53 in.
Blade Size16 in.
Blade No.5
Speed Settings12
Control StyleElectronical
Max. Speed– cfm
Max. Sound– dB
Power Cord Length– ft.
What’s IncludedRemote
Warranty– year

Features of Klarstein Pedestal Fan

If you are looking for a modern stylish and featureful air circulation pedestal fan, this will be your best bid. It comes from Klarstein and it is a durable fan that can decently work in silence. This also has stood with a stable and strong base.

Here are some of the great features of the Klarstein pedestal fan with detail:

Operation Modes

With this fan unit you can be able to use custom modes. There are up to five modes you can select from. These are night mode, extra quiet mode, temperature-adjusted comfort mode, auto shut-off mode. All of them are specifically made for particular situations.


The height of the fan unit can be expanded up to six inches. Which makes it perfect for small places.


You can tilt or move the fan unit to any preferred angle. It can also operate perfectly even if you give it a weird angle. This fan has all the material and mechanisms to provide you best angel.


The fan has a strong and stable base that is safe for family use. It won’t fall apart easily and you don’t have to worry about your kids.


The fan unit can operate via remote control. And it gives you the option to control the unit from your bed.

Saves Bill

This is another important feature of this fan unit. You can save up a lot of money using this fan. It is an economical fan that can work in low energy requirements. It won’t increase your electricity bill. It has a built-in mechanism to save electrical bills during the run time.

7. Lasko 1885 Cyclone Pedestal Fan Review

Lasko 1885 Cyclone Pedestal Fan

Lasko Cyclone pedestal fan is made in the USA. The material of this fan is up to the standard as it’s custom-built. The propeller of the fan is made specially to boost the air circulation. It can create spinning airflow which can go decent distance automatically. Aside from its airflow, the unit has a remote control to manage the function without moving yourself. The plus point is that you can set the timer in the pedestal fan to turn down after a certain period. It will help to avoid high electricity bills easily. So, it’s a great pedestal fan with perfect functionality and material.

Features of Lasko 1885 Pedestal Fan

This Lasko 1885 18 inches cyclone pedestal fan is a quality circulating fan made in the USA. You can get a taste of durability and power at the same time. It can blow up your expectations and perform continuously in set speed. And it will be enough for your daily needs.

Here is the feature of this air circulating fan that you can consider:


As of the old fan might look weird and vintage, but this fan has the potential with its unique design. Every part of the fan is designed for optimum performance and safety. And it gives it the advantage to provide you long-time service without any problem.


This unit has a special function that is safety. It features a unique designed grill that will prevent your kids or pets from entering the danger zone. It has the base which holds the whole unit without any fumble. This fan can hold its weight and stand at the position for a long time. The material is durable to provide you a consistent airflow.


You can’t deny a remote control that operates your fan far away. The remote has all the buttons and functions that can help you turn the fan on and off and set the programming schedule. Also, you can control the modes and settings of the fan.


The whole fan is made in the USA. And this proves that this fan has durable and powerful material.

8. Air King 9420 Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan Review

Air King 9420 Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan

As a commercial-grade pedestal fan, this fan unit is an ideal one from the well-known company Air King. It is designed in a great way for industrial requirements and works like a beast. It has all the functions and power to facilitate any industrial space without any hustle. The motor is permanently lubricated and noise-free. The body material is built from powder-coated steel which will provide you strong service for a longer period. As the body is durable, it can service the instance industrial load easily. It can run on 1/6 horsepower and provides air velocity airflow continuously.

Features of Air King 9420 Pedestal Fan

The Air King 9420 is an industrial standard pedestal fan. This fan is capable to match with any industrial requirements. It has a strong and reliable body with exceptional performance. This stylish looking pedestal fan has great functionality that can facilitate any industrial space.

Here I am going to review some of the great functionalities of Air King industrial Pedestal fan:


This pedestal fan unit has enough power to provide non-stop airflow to industrial spaces. It has the power to run in any industrial environment for a longer period. It’s great for all kinds of projects.


The height of the fan kit is adjustable. You don’t have to manage extra screws or learn hard techniques. You can easily unlock the stand and move it upward or downward as you wish.


The body is great for the industrial environment. It has power coated steel which can service the toughest period with a heavy load. It won’t fall apart even after long usage. It also has a stable and strong base. And it helps the whole unit to stand at one place even in low vibration.


The fan has multiple modes to facilitate any industrial space. Those modes can be changed with easy to use the rotational switch. The switch comes with all the indications that you may need to understand. It’s really easy to operate.


The motor of this unit is permanently lubricated. It is fully ready for industrial requirements. The permanently lubricated label refers that you don’t need to lubricate it more in an industrial environment.

9. Costway Whisper Quiet Pedestal Fan Review

Costway Whisper Quiet Pedestal Fan

Here is a whisper-quiet pedestal fan from Costway with 16 inches blades with a stylish body and solid material. In this fan, you will get an adjustable stand that can expand and shrink as you want. The air quality is double as it uses two blades at once. Two of the blades operate simultaneously provide you multiplying air and high satisfaction. The kit comes with a built-in timer from 1 to 15 hours at once. So, you can program it according to your needs. The whole set consumes less electricity than most of the pedestal fans available in the market. And it doesn’t use any excessive current and save you from a huge bill.

Features of Costway Pedestal Fan

If a fan unit that can provide you durable body and powerful functionality, it would be a Costway pedestal fan. This fan has cool features and mechanisms. It can easily beat any top-rated fan by its performance. Here I am going to review the features of the Costway pedestal fan one by one.

As far as features are concerned, Costway pedestal fan has a fair share of them:


The airflow of the Costway pedestal fan is oscillation based. It means the airflow will go through long distances, instead of for a few meters. The air oscillation also makes sure that the air will circulate through all over the rooms. Which results in you better air quality.

Quiet Performance

You will get quiet and noise-free performance from the Costway pedestal fan. It has a smooth and durable motor that can operate at high speed and minimum noise. This is perfect for bedroom usage. So you can sleep without hearing any noise besides.

Dual Blade

Unlike other regular pedestal fans, this unit has a double blade. The double blade can provide you extra airflow without any added electricity bill. Both of the fans are set simultaneously to provide you consistent and flowing air all over your house. Both of the blade units have five blades in them.

Remote and Programming

You will get a remote controller with this pedestal fan unit. The remote gives you the options to control the setting and mode from a pretty large distance. And you can also use it to program your fan kit for up to 15 hours.

10. AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan Review

AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan

This fan is made by Amazon. The two blades of AmazonBasics pedestal fan provide you high-quality airflow. The grills of the fan are also perfect to provide you the safety from the blades. The base of this standing fan is also wide enough to hold the weight even in the pressure. It has three different modes and there are nature mode, sleep mode and lastly normal mood. All of them made to provide you perfect cooling in different kinds of situations. The power consumption is also low as it operates at 28 watts. Using this pedestal fan, you can have a quiet operation and optimum satisfaction.

Features of AmazonBasics Pedestal Fan

This air circulating fan has a clean design and lots of functionality. It comes from AmazoneBasic and it can stand on every standard we can imagine on standing pedestal fans. Here I am going to review the functionalities of this durable fan unit.

If you check the features of AmazoneBasics standing pedestal fans, we get a lot of them. Here are the features that you can consider:


The flexibility of this pedestal fan is up to the standard. You can tilt the fan to the angel that suits you. It can rotate up to a wide range of angles. Also, you can adjust the size of the fan unit. So, it’s flexible to use AmazoneBasics’s masterpiece.

Operation Modes

You get 24 fan speeds with 3 separate modes that are a lot to make you comfortable. The wide variation of speed can help you to find the perfect airflow. And the modes are Nature mode to give you nature felling, sleep mode to aid you in sleeping. And the last one is a normal mode which operates like normal.


With this air circulating fan kit, you will get a dual blade. Both of the blade set has five powerful handles. Using the dual blade mechanism, you can get more air than any normal fan unit. The grills are also designed to give safety to your kid or if you have any pets.

Remote Control

To control the AmazoneBasics circulating fan unit you can use the remote. You can command your fan using the remote and also you can use this to insert programming and scheduling.

Pedestal Fan Buying Guide

How to Choose a Good Pedestal Fan

Here I will mention some of the important aspects, features, and facts to choose the right pedestal fan. Considering these features and facts, you will make the task a lot easier. So, here are the features and options that you should keep in mind before buying a pedestal fan:


The operation of any pedestal fan is crucial. If your pedestal fan unit operating in high volume than it would a lot of trouble for you and the family members. You can check the sound a pedestal fan makes before choosing one. Give the concentration on the sound level it produces, then compare with others, you will get the differences. Please remember quieter pedestal fan might cost more.


Modes and settings are great for personal customization. But, a fan unit with more modes doesn’t refer to its quality. You can also choose fans witch has only three modes. The settings are created for your convenience. These are used to save some amount of electricity. But if you are going to use the fan occasionally, you can avoid those types of fans.


Some pedestal fan offers double fan and others won’t. The fan unit that comes with a double blade typically provides more airflow than a normal one. But, you can also get the same type of airflow from a normal one with high settings.


The flexibility of a pedestal fan is a real pleasure. On the market, some fan unit comes with a flexible head and you can rotate it from a wide-angle. Those fans have easy to move the head. And you don’t need any screws for that. On the other side, some fan comes with stick head. You can’t move heads of those fans. At first, consider your requirements and then chose any of the category fans. Flexible fans are the ideal for any kind of use as you can move the head easily.

Remote Control

Compare Pedestal Fans

The remote controlling is a great feature for any pedestal fan. Using remote control you can control your fan unit for a great distance with comfort. If you are choosing a pedestal fan for your bedroom, you should consider a remote control pedestal fan. In case you don’t need a remote control, don’t waste off your money on those. Instead, go for fans without remote control as they will cost you less.


Most of the remote control pedestal fans are programmable. You can set a schedule to turn it down. It will be helpful if you always forget to turn the fan unit off. It will save your electricity bill a lot. So you can consider the fan with programming function.

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