The 10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans of 2023

Although you may think that the bathroom exhaust fan is easy to pick, choosing a bad quality fan is devastating as replacing it is hazardous. Here I am going to explain some of the factors and features that you should consider when choosing an exhaust fan for your bathroom.

Every bathroom is not the same and every fan is not suitable for your bathroom. By choosing a perfect fan for your bathroom, you can beautify it, minimize the usages cost and replacing hazards. That’s why evaluating some key aspects of an exhaust fan is highly recommended before you decide to pick one.

Top 10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans 2023

So, here is our top 10 list of the best bathroom exhaust fans for the money.

  1. Panasonic WhisperWarm Fan
  2. Broan-Nutone Exhaust Fan
  3. ILiving Bathroom Ventilation Exhaust Fan
  4. Hunter Ventilation Sona Bathroom Exhaust Fan
  5. Delta BreezSlim Exhaust Bath Fan
  6. BV Ultra-Quiet, Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan
  7. Lift Bridge Kitchen & Bath Exhaust Bath Fan
  8. Tech Drive Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Fan
  9. Ventline Bathroom Exhaust Fan
  10. Air King Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Reviews

1. Panasonic WhisperWarm Fan Review

Panasonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

The Panasonic WhisperWarm fan and heater can provide you with coll air circulation and heating at the same place. It has a robust structure and design. The material it uses in its body is strong enough to run for a long time. It comes with all the installation hardware that you may need. That’s why you don’t have to work more after buying. You just need to follow the manual to use the supplied hardware. Aside from the installation, controlling is also very easy. The fan comes with a three-year long term warranty that provides you total confidence in the quality of this fan. It will surely satisfy you with its performance and service.

Features of Panasonic FV-11VH2 WhisperWarm Exhaust Fan

This ventilation fan will be a perfect set as a bathroom exhaust fan. It’s called the Panasonic WhisperWarm ventilation fan that can work like a charm without producing much sound. It has lots of mentionable features that stand it out from the crowd. Here I am going to review the features of this bathroom exhaust fan in detail.

Below I have listed out features of Panasonic WhisperWarm Ventilation fan:

Quiet Operation: As far as the operation, it’s so quiet that you won’t even notice most of the time. The inside mechanism is perfect that it does not make any irritating noise. The normal operation sound is also low that it won’t interrupt anyone. It will be perfect to use in your bathroom as it will exhaust air and operate quietly.

Fan/Heater Combination: The Panasonic WhisperWarm ventilation fan can also be used as a heater. It heats your bathroom and exhausts smelly air at the same time. With the perfect heating mechanism, it can bring life in the cold air. The heating features make this exhaust machine more favorites to choose from.

Easy Installation: The installation of Panasonic WhisperWarm Ventilation is easy to accomplish. You will get the detailed manual to go through all the steps. Although I recommend you to go for a professional, you can even do it as an amateur. With the purchase of this set, you will get all the hardware that you may need in the installation process. So, the installation is easy and most of the time you can complete it by yourself.

Energy Saver: If you are worried about the certification, the air exhaust fan has special certification from ENERGY STAR. Also, it has another required standard certificate to show your credibility.

2. Broan-Nutone Exhaust Fan Review

Broan-Nutone Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

Here is the Broan-Nutone exhaust fan with all the amazing features. This exhaust fan also has invariant light built-in. You will find it in the center part of the exhaust fan kit. The light is enough to make your surroundings perfectly lit. This kit is meant to work on the ceiling. That’s why you have to assemble it in the ceiling. It has an elegant and stylish round design with protective grills. In its functionality, you will get exhausted and heating mode separately. Using this amazing heating technology you will get harm and healthy airflow in your bathroom. As far as airflow is a concern, you will get 70 CFM which is enough air circulation as an exhaust fan.

Features of Broan-Nutone 9093WH Exhaust Fan

This exhaust fan is a great kit to ventilate, heat and lighten up your bathroom and get a comfortable feeling. With a Broan-Nutone exhaust fan, you can enjoy total convenience. You can use it in your bathroom as it has all the features to provide you with a perfect bath experience. With its unique design, it has lots of features that you can be happy with.

Let’s discuss the important features of Borean-Nutone Exhaust Fan:

Slim Design

This exhaust kit has a slip design and perfect look to use it in our bathroom. It can easily mix up in your bathroom decor. The design will surely make sure the bathroom experience is comfier as it will not distract you anyway.

Silent Ventilation

It has nothing to disturb you in the bathroom. It will silently exhaust air from your bathroom. It won’t create any bumping sound or loud noise to wake everyone. Instead, it has a smooth operation to exhaust air silently. The mechanism is specially created to suit any bathroom environment. So, it will be safe and the best decision to go with this Broan-Nutone exhaust fan.

Heating System

It has a heating system built-in, it can work as a heater also. You can easily toggle the mode between heating and exhaust anytime. It’s really easy with the switching system that it offers to you.

Soft Light

In this air exhausting kit you will also get light in the center. The light is built with the incandescent 100-watt energy system. This light is just perfect to see detail. and it is not so loud also. It makes it perfect to use it in the bathroom. It also has a night mode that provides you with a charming feeling when you visit your bathroom at night. As you will get the lighting system it will cost you less and you can enjoy the fresh air and soft lighting.

3. ILiving Bathroom Ventilation Exhaust Fan Review

Iliving Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

It’s a square-shaped and perfectly designed bathroom exhaust fan. Here I represent you ILiving bathroom ventilation and exhaust fan. Unlike another exhaust fan, this kit also provides you high ventilation features. Thus you will get flowing and mold-free air. It will also remove any odor your bathroom may have. The controlling is also easy with the provided success. In the motor, you will get a DC motor system. Due to it’s DC motor, you will get lesser sound during operation. In the middle part of the exhaust fan kit, you will get an LED light of 10 watts. It’s a great option for a light as it uses LED sources and it will cast you less electric bill.

Features of iliving ILG8FV111 Exhaust Fan

Iliving ILG8FV111 bathroom ventilation exhaust fan has a compact size and beautiful design. It comes with smart technology to provide you smooth air exhausting. You can use it in your bathroom and enjoy lots of functionality. As the features and facilities are great, you can have a great bathroom that has fresh air.

The iLiving bathroom ventilation exhaust fan has lots of features to rate it as a top exhaust kit. Here’s I have reviewed them one by one:


You can enjoy the fresh air as it has different exhaust speeds. In this exhaust fan, you can easily choose your preferred speed as it offers you three different speeds. Those are 50, 80 and 110 CFM. With its external kit, it’s easy to choose any specific speed anytime you want.

Quality Motor

In the Living Bathroom exhaust fan, you will get a DC high-quality motor. This motor is quiet and smooth in its operation. Because it has a DC motor as the main part, it does not take that much energy like AC motor. It provides you consistent exhaust operation without any extra hustle. You just have to start the kit and it will operate with speed and eliminate moisture, moldy and smelly air.


As we talk about the exhaust kit, it has the option to save up energy. You can use it without worrying about extra added electricity. It can run without consuming excess electricity and it can optimize the power it takes in. This results in its optimum performance without going for the high electricity bill. With low energy consumption, it can run for a longer time without hurting your bank.


The certification is up to the mark. This bathroom exhaust fan kit has certification from several authorities. Just like, it has standardization from ENERGY STAR for energy-saving features. Also, it has received recognition from ETL. As we can see there is enough certification on the machine as a trusted exhaust fan kit.

4. Hunter Ventilation Sona Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

Hunter Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

With the Hunter ventilation Sona bathroom exhaust fan, you will get a better bathroom environment. It’s a seamless and effortless way to keep your bathroom air clean. This kit has some amazing technology to exhaust all the odor and moldy air from your bathroom. Besides the exhaust operation, it will also make sure that your bathroom has proper ventilation. With it’s unique and sophisticated design, you won’t even notice it’s existence. The operation is also quiet. If you scale the operation sound that you will get 3.0 Sones and it is a very low sound level. So, you won’t get distracted by its operation and look. It’s built to provide you optimum performance.

Features of Hunter 83002 Exhaust Fan

Hunter Ventilation is a reliable name as a bathroom exhaust fan manufacturers. This exhaust fan is stylish in its look and robust it’s built. IT has imperial bronze in the body and has sophisticated stylish to go with the decor. It can easily fit into your bathroom and it can work for a long time without any added maintenance.

As we talk bout the Hunter Ventilation bathroom exhaust fan, it has lots of features to talk about. Below you can find them all:


In this exhaust fan you can get higher airflow as it features 110 CFM airflow as a maximum number. The CFM unit indicates the airflow it will create using its built-in mechanism. With higher flowing air it can work perfectly to maintain the better air quality in your bathroom.


The design and mechanics are exactly perfect to use in any bathroom environment. It has a decorative body to increase the decoration of your bathroom. If you check it from the bottom, it has a unique design and imperial bronze finish. It will easily match up the environment and you won’t get distracted at all. Overall the design and look are spectacularly perfect and compatible with bathroom usage.

Great for Moisture

It has the rating to work in a high moisture environment for a long time. As it is a bathroom exhaust fan it can deal with high moisture air. It will smoothly exhaust the moisture from the air and eliminate the odor at the same time. You won’t have to take responsibility for regular maintenance also.


With this highly-rated exhaust fan kit, you will get 5 years extended warranty. The overall kit is perfect to run a long mile and the warranty makes it more perfect. This warranty ensures the longevity of this exhaust fan for five years.

5. Delta BreezSlim Exhaust Bath Fan Review

Delta Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

The Delta BreezSlim has a slim and unique design that can fit into any retro style house. The unit has the power to provide you long and continuous service. Its motor is tested to run for eight years without any interruption. Besides its power, it does not make any heavy sound. The sound level for this exhaust fan is 2.0 Sones, which is next to nothing. So, most of the time you won’t hear any sound if this kit is running. With this amazing exhaust kit, you will get 70 CFM airflow to provide a steady ventilation stream. All of this you will get with lower energy consumption and this makes it ENERGY STAR certified.

Features of Delta BreezSlim SLM70 Exhaust Fan

It’s a simple but amazing exhaust fan specially made for the bathroom. It comes from Delta manufacture and has solid authority for exhaust fans. This kit will let you enjoy fast and efficient air exhaust for your bathroom. It has all the features to be in your bathroom making you happy.

Here are the features of Delta BreezSlim exhaust fan:

Bathroom Fit

As an exhaust fan it can be mounted in the wall of your bathroom or ceiling. In both cases, it can work perfectly without any interruption. It won’t affect its operation even if it is in high moisture circumstances. Also, it won’t make any extra noise to distract you in the bathroom. With this specialized exhaust fan, you can have your bath and keep the moldy air from you.

Noise Level

In case you talk about the noise, this exhaust fan kit has one of the lower noise levels. It has a 2.0 sones sound level in its operation. This shows us that the operation of this exhaust fan is next to nothing. And you won’t’ year any strong sound when it is doing the exhausting stuff. This exhaust kit will provide you the same level of service for a longer period.


As it has a slim and stylish look it can be perfect for any place. Have a retro style house? no problem, it has the design to match your house. Even it can be blind to any modern bathroom decoration. Whether you mount in in-wall or ceiling it will look perfect in all the places.

Energy Consumption

The consumption of electricity is also extremely low. According to its performance, the Delta BreeezSlim Exhaust fan saves around 85% of your electricity. IT means the exhaust set will be less expensive in its work than any other general set.

6. BV Ultra-Quiet, Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan Review

BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

As this machine has a bigger body and larger surface area, you will get a better conversation in every second. This is the BV ultra-quiet bathroom exhaust kit with ventilation features. It has the mechanism to provide you high-quality exhaust operation with minimum sound. The sound is really low, rated as 0.8 Sones. It is one of the quietest fan units that also have ventilation features. You can have a great ventilation process going on in your bathroom. It has the body and the design to make your bathroom the perfect place to be. This is no doubt a quality product as you will also get a one-year guarantee after getting a kit.

Features of BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

BV made a new standard bathroom exhausting fan with ventilation features. It can eliminate unwanted smelly and steamy air from your bathroom. And it will maintain ventilation throughout your bathroom area. This giant kit has features that can facilitate to remove bad air and maintain healthy air quality inside the bathroom.

In BV bathroom ventilation and exhaust fan, you will get several amazing features. Here you can review them all:

Air Quality

This exhaust and ventilation kit can maintain healthy air quality for a longer period. With its air pulling features it can grab all the moisture, moldy and harmful air particles from your bathroom. You won’t get any type of bad air after installing the fan. As it will drag out low-quality air, on the other side it will maintain sustainable ventilation in your bathroom.

Perfect Size

In this bathroom fan kit, you will get a big sized air passage. With this bigger and square size, the kit can persist in a better conversation. Due to it’s bigger size it can cover a larger area bathroom. Also, you can drag out more air without wasting any extra electricity bill.

Quality Certification

This bathroom ventilation kit has the quality certification from UL and HVI. With that certification, you can place your trust in this kit for bathroom exhaust and ventilation usage. As it has the authority to prove their statement on this kit.


The BV bathroom ventilation and exhaust kit also provide you a warranty of one year. With this warranty timeline, you can be worry-free about the usage. At least you will get service for any defect you get in between this timeline.

7. Lift Bridge Kitchen & Bath Exhaust Bath Fan Review

Lift Bridge Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

It’s a Lift Bridge Kitchen and bathroom exhaust fan with a unique design. This exhaust unit is so elegant that it can increase the total decoration of your bathroom. It can provide you 110 CFM air flows without any sound. The operation is smooth and it won’t provide you with a wobbly sound. In the mechanism, it has a ball bearing AC motor. Due to the AC motor, it can continuously run for a long time without any effect. The coverage of this exhaust fan kit is also wider. It can provide ventilation coverage to the bathroom that has 125 square feet of area. So, there are lots of features that this unit offers you at once place.

Features of Lift Bridge DSQR110BN Bath Exhaust Bath Fan

With a diverse look and strong brushed nickel body, it instantly stands out as a great bathroom exhaust fan. Here it is the Lift bridge bath exhaust fan with lots of compelling features to use. As you get high performance with the exhaust kit you can easily use it in your bathroom.

Let’s review the features of Lift the Bridge bath exhaust bath fan with detail:

Noise Level

As ventilation and exhaust fan it has advanced technology to reduce the operation noise. It has a lower sound unit because it runs on an AC motor. As the motor creates less noise to produce the conversation, the overall piece does not create interrupting noise. You can enjoy your bathroom experience with fresh airflow and a silent environment.

Area Coverage

The Lift Bridge bath exhaust bath fan can cover a wider area. If your bathroom is much bigger than the average, it can easily cope with it. Ventilating a wider bathroom was not as easy as before. You can set up the exhaust unit in any place around your wall and ceiling. It can silently work from its zone to maintain healthy air quality for up to 125 square feet. Which is much wider coverage as a bath fan.

Duct Connection

The unit can connect with a duct tunnel with 4 inches. So you don’t have to get any health thinking about the duct connection of the ventilating and exhaust unit.


As this bath fan is perfect to use in the bathroom environment, you can also use it in the kitchen. It’s damp and moisture rating is high. This fan can service damp and fight with moisture and drag it out of your bathroom area. It has the x-factor to work with the same resistance in the bathroom and kitchen environment.

8. Tech Drive Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Fan Review

Tech Drive Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

Here we are covering Tech drive bathroom ventilation and exhaust fan. In this fan kit, you will get a new and advanced grill design. The design is made to provide a smoother exhaust operation. With the exhausting technique, you will also get proper ventilation throughout your bathroom. This will make sure that you don’t have any kind of odor and moldy air in your bathroom. It will exhaust harmful and smelly air using it’s 4 inches doc. The square shape is also perfect to fit into any existing hole. It can easily fit and operate in space from 7.5 inches to 7.3in. The housing of this exhaust fan kit is made of galvanized steel which prevents any kind of corrosion it may have.

Features of Tech Drive Very-Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

This strong and robust ventilation exhaust fan will surely increase the air quality of your bathroom. As we can see Tech Drive bathroom exhaust you also provide you ventilation features. That means it will pull out harmful air and bring fresh air into your bathroom.

Below I am going to explain the features of Tech Drive bathroom ventilation and exhaust fan’s features:


The overall structure of this ventilation and exhaust kit is completely perfect for installation. Its low profile body structure makes it perfect for a bathroom that has a small space. Also, It comes with a compact square shape and it can fit any existing hole. The square portion of this fan unit is 7.5 inches to 7.25 inches.

Noise Level

This unit can provide you strong ventilation and exhaust of high moisture and smelly air at the same time with low noise. It has a really amazing technology to restrict the sound level into 2.0 sones. Thus it makes almost the minimum amount of noise a fan unit can make. It will not fool you out as you can’t even notice if it is running or not. This makes it perfect for mounting in the bathroom.


Material of this unit is up to the standard for long term usage. In its housing, it has galvanized steel to prevent any suspecting corruption. So, you can use this unit for a long time without any defect. At the grill, it has strong material to provide you service without any interruption. Also, the robust steel structure also protects the inner blades and you from interacting spatially if it is mounted in the wall.

9. Ventline Ceiling Exhaust Fan Review

Ventline Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

Ventline Ceiling fan has a dynamic and balanced body to offer you hustle free-air exhaust. This unit is circular and has 8 inches in diameter. That’s why it needs round rough-ins to fit perfectly. The installation is not that complicated for DIY’ers. You can do it by yourself. As we talk about its service, you will get high-quality exhausting and ventilation at the same time. The kit is made to work from the ceiling that’s why it is easier to eliminate smelly air from your bathroom. The blades are also perfectly built to provide you with long-running service. Overall, this unit can work without any heavy maintenance.

Features of Ventline V2262-50 Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Ventline ceiling exhaust fan is a great fan unit that you can mount at your ceiling. It is specially built for bathroom and kitchen usage where we have a higher amount of damp and moisture. It can work perfectly with almost every kind of situation that you may require in your bathroom.

Let’s check every feature and their functionaries of Ventline Ceiling exhaust fan deeply:


You will get a strong and dynamically well-balanced blade in this fan unit. It is curved perfectly with the mathematically correct shape. With this unique shape, it can blow up a higher amount of air and exhaust at the same time. Those blades will make a higher conversion without using extra mechanisms. The material of those blades is strong that it won’t be bent inside even after extensive and longer usage.


In this unit, you will get circular grills. This grill is made to maximize the airflow and eliminate bumps. As it has a smooth design to provide you uninterrupted air conversion, your bathroom will be full of healthy air. As this unit is meant to mount on the ceiling of your bathroom, the girls are perfect for string air in and out.


The efficiency of this ventilation and the exhausting kit is high enough even for small bathrooms. In this fan unit, you will get greater power, but it won’t use it in the same way in a smaller area. It will efficiently save your money and it’s performance optimized for any particular smaller area. And this efficiency is highly required in any fan unit.

Power Unit

In this fan unit you will get a robust power unit that consistently provides the power supply. The power supply is connected to an electrical switch and you can press them to control functionality. The high-quality power unit can easily exchange signals to the unit from the main grid. And you don’t have to worry about any danger as the power unit is placed in an optimal place to minimize any type of risk. This lets you get a relaxing bathroom without any potential accidents.

10. Air King BFQ 90 Bath Fan Review

Air King Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

Air King Bath fan has polymeric grills to provide you seamless ventilation. It has special features to provide you precious services without causing you a high electricity bill. This unit can work from the ceiling and it has a new installation kit for that. Here you will get a snap-in installation that anyone can do easily. This makes the installation process quick and hustles free. The metal is made in the USA and it shows assurance to its quality. The housing of this unit is made up of plastic. This secures quiet operation and safety as plastic will not conduct electricity. With safety and quality, you will get high flowing air and exhaust operation in one unit.

Features of Air King BFQ 90 Bath Fan

Besides window fans, Air King is also authorized for its high-quality bath fan. In this bath fan, you will get an advanced design that is highly prioritized to safety and performance. This unit provides you high flowing air with low noise operation. Here I will list features that this bath air unit has.

Here are the features of the Air-King bath fan that will amaze you:


The parts and body of this bath fan are made in the USA. This brings another level of assurance to the bath fan kit. The whole kit’s body and its material are sturdy and it can survive long usage also. With this type of quality, the Air King bath fan can easily match any high rated bath fan unit.


As we look into the housing section for the bath fan, it has plastic in it. The reason it has plastic for safety. The plastic will not cause any type of electrical incidents. Also, it will avoid corrosion. On the other hand, because it has plastic in the housing, the whole kit creates much less sound even with high performance.
Duct Collar: In this bath air ventilation and exhaust fan you will get a duct collar of 4 inches. At the backside of the Air-King bath fan, you will get a draft damper. This also facilitates the mechanism of quiet operation and safety.


Unlike other bath fan, this unit does not require any extra hardware to install. It has a special snap-in mechanism to quickly assemble the unit on your ceiling. So, you don’t have to be a handyman to install it in your bathroom or kitchen. With fast installation, you can instantly start using your brand new bath fan unit.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Buying Guide

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Buying Guide

Here are the most important features and facts that you should consider when buying a bathroom exhaust fan:

Type of Fan

Most of the bathroom exhaust fan is suitable to work from the ceiling. That’s why you will find that almost every unit is specific to ceiling mounting. However, there is an exception. You will also find a quality bathroom exhaust fan that can also work from the sidewall. Please review your current bathroom and your requirements. If you need a wall mount then go for an exhaust unit that can also work from the wall. If not required, you can use a normal ceiling fan that is built to continue exhausting from the ceiling.

Airflow Speed

Speed is also an important factor when choosing a bathroom exhaust fan. The higher the speed cubic feet per unit the higher you will get the airflow. It’s an adjournment that provides you brief information about the airflow that a fan unit will provide you. As a bathroom exhaust fan, you may not need that much airflow. But it will be better to choose exhaust fans that have around 100 CFM. The airflow will maintain healthy ventilation in your bathroom.


Some units will provide you easy to understand insulation. On the other side, some units will not provide you the easy kit. That’s why you should always look for the installation guide of the fan unit. You should always look for a unit that has a lower weight and easy installation. The easy process will let you install the kit without the need for a professional. However, it is recommended that you should call a professional when it is needed. In some special bathroom exhaust units, they offer to snap to connect kit. This can also help you in quick installation. However, you should at least check if you are getting all the required hardware and parts with the kit. Then you will be safe to go.

Shape of Unit

The shape of a bathroom exhaust fan is another factor to look at. Mostly you will find an exhaust fan that has a square proportion. It is better to go for an exhaust fan that has a square shape. It makes the installation easier as it has a square cut shape. On the other hand, if you have an existing slot on your bathroom, square-shaped units will fit into the hole easily. Besides the squire sized fan, you can also choose a round fan unit if you don’t have any existing hole. In comparison, the size of the fan does not affect its performance. That’s why you can choose any of them without worrying about the output. It will be the same throughout the units.

Noise Level

While the bathroom is a precious place, you may get disturbed if your fan unit makes an odd sound. Thankfully today exhaust fan kits have the technology to eliminate any kind of sound. You should always look for the Sones unit while reviewing each and every exhaust fan unit. The Sones provides you a unit that tells how much a fan unit creates sound when operating. The lower the Sones gets the quieter the noise will be. That’s why, if you are preferring quiet operation, then check for the unit that has lower Sones. On the market, you will get units that have 2.0 to 8.0 Sones or beyond. Generally, each of them is not that much noise. But lower Sones indicate you a quieter operation and silent environment.

Area Coverage

The area a fan unit will cover is also subject to discuss. Every exhaust fan is built to ventilate a certain amount of area. Some unit is better to work in a low profile bathroom while others are efficient to work for a bigger bathroom. So, you must check for the area coverage of the unit that you are going to choose. The bigger the area the wider it can exhaust and ventilate. If you have a small bathroom you should not go for a higher area exhaust fan. The bigger fan will take much more energy to run and operate. You can check the area coverage of any exhaust fan unit that is marked with square feet. In case you have a wide area bathroom choose an exhaust fan that has the same or close amount of square feet to your bathroom area.

Energy Saving

If you are a freak of energy-saving appliances, exhaust fan with Energy Star certification will be your thing. Most of the fans that have the Energy Star mark will eat 85% less electricity. That’s huge for your monthly savings. However, if you run it for a long time it may take some excess amount of energy. But it won’t break your bank as it takes so little amount of consumption. It will be a great choice as you can get higher performance at a lesser cost.

Other Features

Today’s new age bathroom exhaust fan is not just a one-dimensional product. Now all of them have new and unique technology and features included. When you try to pick a new exhaust fan unit, you can easily notice the innovative design used by different brands. But most basic features of exhaust fan is a light unit. Here you will get an LED or incandescent light attached to the fan unit body. Thus you will get a fan and light operation at the same time. I prefer you to choose LED light if possible as they provide you low-cost operation. Also, you can seek other features like external switch kit, speed control, heating features. You won’t find everything in each exhaust fan. That’s why considering your requirements and budget is crucial. This way you can figure out which features you should choose when buying an exhaust fan for your bathroom.

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