The 10 Best Attic Fans of 2023

Are you looking for the best attic fan for your garage or house roof?

This complete guide is for you to pick the right attic fan within your budget.

The attic fan is one of the most demanding fans. But unlike other fans, this fan does not consume that much electricity.

There are a lot of attic fans available with so much variety.

Choosing the best attic fan for your home or garage has become one of the hardest things.

So, here I will guide you on how to buy a perfect attic fan by yourself.

Top 10 Best Attic Fans 2023

In rush? Check our top 10 list of the best attic fans for garage or home.

  1. Cool Attic CX302DDWT Attic Fan
  2. Iliving ILG8SF30V-T Attic Fan
  3. QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 Attic Gable Fan
  4. Air Vent 54301 Attic Fan
  5. Broan 35316 Attic Ventilator
  6. Remington Solar Solar Attic Fan
  7. Maxx Air Professional Grade Attic Ventilator
  8. Dayton 10W199 Gable Attic Ventilator
  9. Master Flow Egv6 Gable Mount Attic Fan
  10. Amtrak Solar’s Powerful Attic Exhaust Fan

Attic Fan Reviews

1. Cool Attic CX302DDWT Attic Fan Review

Cool Attic CX302DDWT Attic Fan Review

The new model of Cool Attic is an amazing attic fan with high-quality materials.

All the parts of it are made in the USA. The manufacturing industry of this fan is located in the Heartland of Texas.

So, there is no doubt about the quality and durability that it will provide to you.

This fan is perfectly constructed to provide continuous ventilation into your attic.

You can place the attic fan at your existing attic vent. It can easily remove bad air, make your attic air quality healthy and mold-free.

This fan is also multipurpose. You can place this into the central point of your housing with a slot.

It can easily ventilate your house and keep the temperature low. The energy usage by this fan is also efficient for long term usage.

With this low electric bill, you can use this fan in any projects or your house.

Features of Cool Attic CX302DDWT Attic Fan

The Cool Attic CX302DDWT is a fantastic attic fan with superb features that will provide you the overall satisfaction.

This fan is from the renowned brand Cool Attic and it is made out of USA materials.

It means all the parts of this machine are built in the USA. So, there is no doubt about the quality of the fan.

Direct Drive – The Cool Attic CX302DDWT fan comes with direct drive mechanism to provide you silent and smooth ventilation. This mechanism facilitates the power transmission system into the motor directly. The motor produces less noise and gets the full power it needs. That’s why you will get the most speedy ventilation by this fan. The direct drive system can also provide you maintenance-free service throughout the years of usage.

Proper Ventilation – Just like any other attic fan, it provides proper ventilation. As the attic fan works from the attic of your house, you will get proper ventilation as the hot air will get out of your house. And as a result, you will get the cool air flowing into your house. This type of cooling system helps you to maintain a low-temperature level in your house. It makes an impact when it is summer and the temperature is rising high. You don’t have to completely rely on any air conditioner as you are getting continuous ventilation in your house so that the temperature becomes low.

Energy Usage – It’s always a buzzing word in fan manufacturing companies, energy consumption. As you have known, most of the general fans consume a lot of energy. It becomes a burden in the summertime when you are using the fan unit to keep your house cool. It simply increases your utility bill and does little job impacting only a selected area. However, with this attic fan, you can get a whole-house cooling at the lowest cost possible. The Cool Attic fan provides the highest cooling without consuming any extra electricity.

2. Iliving ILG8SF30V-T Attic Fan Review

Iliving Attic Fan Review

The Iliving ILG8SF30V-T Attic fan is perfectly built for the attic.

It is a great attic fan to ventilate a bigger attic. The fan has a nice silver color on it.

Not just for its looks, the inside materials are also strong and able to resist harsh conditions.

By controlling options, you can easily control the speed of this fan. It has low and high-speed settings.

The electric cord has enough length to go for an electrical outlet from a decent distance.

Also, the airflow speed of this fan is very high. In total, you will get around 5100 CFM airflow at a time.

So, it’s a big amount considering an attic fan specification. You can place this attic fan at your vent and the installation is also easy.

With this quick installation, you can easily start enjoying the super fast ventilation of this attic fan.

Features of Iliving ILG8SF30V-T Shutter Exhaust Attic Fan

Iliving ILG8SF30V-T attic fan is a durable piece that provides long-term service.

It is a 30 inches fan with all the features that you could imagine in an attic fan.

The operation mode of this unit is built perfectly and has all the standard to run in the attic of a house or any projects.

The Iliving ILG8SF30V-T attic ventilation fan has some great features to consider. Here I am going to mention them one by one:

Thermostat – The Iliving ILG8SF30V-T attic fan comes with a thermostat. That helps to maintain and run the fan automatically. The thermostat is crucial for an attic fan and it helps the unit to sense the temperature. And this unit can sense the temperature and turn on and off automatically. Some attic fans do not have this type of facility that you need regularly.
Speed – There are two different speed modes in this attic fan. The speeds modes are for better control over the functionalities of the attic fan. The first speed is low and the second one is high. Well, this will not make that much impact on your house like the attic fan will work on the upper part of the house. But there will be a subtle change in the ventilation. You can set the attic fan speed to high when the temperature of your house is very high. The high-speed setting forces the outside air to come into the house. And then the hot air quickly goes outside of the house through the attic. However, you can also use this attic fan at low speed during the low-temperature seasons as you need continuous ventilation.

3. QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 Attic Gable Fan Review

QuietCool Attic Fan Review

The QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 is another beast attic fan with high specifications.

It has a stable body and smooth operation to provide you a better attic environment.

This fan reduces attic temperature and keeps it cool with smart ventilation.

It comes with smart sensors to understand the house temperature.

As the heat is getting high in the attic, the fan unit senses this and speeds up the ventilation process.

When the temperature is low, the fan slows down the ventilation process and saves a lot of your electricity bill.

The fan has four separate blades to provide fast cooling but the electricity consumption is very low so that the monthly electricity bill becomes lower than any other ordinary fan.

This fan can also sense humidity and work accordingly to eliminate the high amount of humidity from the attic.

Lastly, you can use this fan in almost any place you want and it will work perfectly.

Features of QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 Smart Attic Gable Fan

QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 is a smart and efficient attic fan.

It has all the specifications and quality standards to be a top-rated fan.

The inside mechanism is powerful and it provides extended service.

If you look closely the QuietCool AFG attic fan, you will notice a lot of amazing features:

Sensors – There are lots of mechanism going on in the QuietCool AFG attic fan, when it runs. It has lots of functions and mechanisms to provide seamless and uninterrupted attic cooling. This smart fan has temperature sensors. Using the sensors, this attic fan regulates itself according to the surrounding temperature and humidity. When the attic temperature is going high, it will automatically adjust the functionality for the high temperature. On the other side, it can also detect the temperature drop. As it detects the temperature going down, it lowers its functions to adjust the temperature of the attic environment. Also, it has humidity sensor. That’s why it can also manage it’s operation when the humidity is high. It makes this attic fan smart and intelligent.

Speed Variations – Unlike any other attic fan, the QuietCool AFG attic fan has ten different speed settings. These speed settings make a big difference in the demand of the users. You can select the speed according to your need. Sometimes you may need to select a medium level airflow, and it is easy to use the mid-level speed in this attic fan. You won’t find the mid-level airspeed in another general attic fan. So, this will provide you the flexibility to maintain a consistent, healthy, mold and humidity-free attic of your house.

4. Air Vent 54301 Attic Fan Review

Air Vent Attic Fan Review

This type of fan unit is perfect for your attic. However, it can also be used in houses to provide cooling. This refers to the fact that it is a multipurpose fan unit. Here we will mention the attic usage of this fan and it has a fantastic performance rating for it. Firstly, the installation for the fan unit is smooth and does not require any hard labor. You just have to find a vent in your roof and place it in the middle and plug the unit into an electrical outlet. The cord is long enough to provide you with the flexibility to place the attic fan far away from the electric switch. As this fan does a great job to ventilate the air of your attic, it will be a lot healthier. Also, the environment of the attic will be super nice and it will increase the longevity of your attic.

Features of Air Vent Inc. 24 inch 54301 Attic Fan

Air Vent 54301 is a long-lasting great quality attic fan. You will get this amazing and high performing attic fan without hurting your economy. It has the functions and features that can easily beat up highly rated attic fans. Here I will talk about them with details.

The Air Vent attic fan has some great features that you should consider to list if you are looking for a whole house attic fan:


Like any other part, the shutter is an important part of an attic fan. In case you don’t know, the shutter is the protective slot with some blades that can rotate and make room to flow air. In this amazing attic fan unit, you’ll get a shutter that can operate automatically. Yes, it has the functionality to turn on when the attic fan unit has just started. And it will also turn off automatically when the fan unit is turned down. This added value to your experience with the fan unit. You don’t have to check every time if the shutter is closed properly or not. The shutter also works has protection blocking the air to transmit through it.


Although every attic fan has controlled, this unit provides you extra options that can be controlled by a pull chain. It is a classic but relaxing and convenient way to run a machine. This is also true for the Air Vent Inc attic fan. With the pull chain, you can manage and manipulate the current functionalities of the fan. It means you can turn the machine on with just one pull and off with another. It’s a great and quick way to get access to the machine without using any electric option. However, you can also use an electrical switch with the attic fan and you have to purchase the additional electrical switch kit.

5. Broan 35316 Attic Ventilator Review

Broan Attic Fan Review

This attic fan runs on 120 volts and provides you the airflow at a speed 1600 CFM. It is a professional grade attic fan that is made for several usages. But it can work perfectly to ventilate your attic vent keep the temperature low. This unit has the specification to run for a long time without giving you any maintenance. It is smart and does a good job of sensing the surrounding environment and act according to the current temperature rating. However, the electric energy usage of this fan is also optimized. That means you can use this attic fan unit for a long time without worrying about the bill it will provide. The construction of this industrial-grade attic fan is also perfectly done. It has strong and durable housing, blades and a permanently lubricated motor. In total, you will get total satisfaction on this attic fan.

Features of Broan 35316 Gable Mount Attic Ventilator

If you are into quality, Broan 35316 attic ventilator fan will make you satisfied. It’s a large attic fan that can easily cool down your attic area. The plus point is all the features that you need is added to this attic fan. Here I am going to reveal them to you.

The Broan 35316 Attic Ventilator has some essential features that you consider before buying:

Effective Ventilation

This attic fan will provide a fast and efficient cooling environment. It is possible because of the ventilation process of this attic fan. The ventilation is a factor that you must consider when you are using an attic fan. Using this fan, you can have super fast ventilation which will take the hot air out and force cool air to enter the attic. This results in a much cooler attic. It will also help you to cool down your house as the attic is cooler. On the other hand, ventilation provides you with healthy air quality. This can also eliminate the humidity of your attic. With convenient airflow and ventilation, you can make the attic into a perfect and healthy place.


If you consider the usage of this fan, there is a lot to discuss. Firstly, you can use this attic fan at your house. The attic fan can help you get a better environment and cool down your house. On the other hand, you can use it in versions of projects. It starts from a garage, workshop, industrial places, greenhouse, and others. It has the quality and durability to provide you non-stop service despite tough situations. It will result in your success in your industrial process and other projects. This attic fan from Broan is a multipurpose fan that can perform to almost any given situation and provide you a cool and fresh environment.

6. Maxx Air Professional Grade Attic Ventilator Review

Maxx Air Attic Fan Review

This MaxxAir attic ventilation fan unit is another great example of industrial standard. It has the highest possible quality you can get from an attic fan. When your attic temperature is getting high, you can just turn this beast on and see the result. It will immediately start to blow out the hot air from your attic. And entrust, you will get cool air coming into your attic and making the area ventilated and cool. The installation process is also easy and you don’t have to modify your roof. Just plugged in and play experience that you will get from this attic fan from MaxxAir. The fan has a strong and durable body that can service humidity and some sorts of rough weather. It will provide you heavy durability over a longer period. The unit is made with galvanized steel that is perfect for use in attic fans.

Features of MaxxAir Professional Grade Gable Mount Power Attic Ventilator

MaxxAir professional-grade gable mount attic ventilator is a highly durable product with red eye-catchy design. The fan has 14-inch blades which will be beneficial when you are using it at your attic.

Let’s find out the key features of the Maxx Air professional-grade attic ventilator fan:

Gable Mount

The fan mounting can be a headache for us. Most of us don’t want to change our roof interior or we don’t want to draw holes in the roof. This Professional grade attic fan comes with easy installation and mounting system. The galbe mounting system, you can use on the current louvers, you have in your attic. This makes the installation process so easy and convenient. Another key point is that you don’t have to draw holes in your roof when installing this fan unit. It can easily work on your attic shutter or louvers while ventilating your attic without any interruption.

Durable Blades

With four separate blades, it can give you high-speed airflow that will blow away all the hot air that we usually have in our attic. The blades are made with a perfect span so it can provide you with the highest airflow possible.


Your electricity bill will be the lowest possible with this attic fan unit. The cost to run an attic fan seems big to you, but it is not like others. This attic fan will provide you the highest air flow possible without using any excess energy. The inner machismo has the technology to use the minimum amount of electricity as possible to provide you long service. The bill will be much less than any other ordinary fan unit. The efficiency will let you use the fan unit for any project you are working on. As the cost is low, you can use the unit for a longer time for extended ventilation in your attic.

7. Dayton 10W199 Gable Attic Ventilator Review

Dayton Attic Fan Review

Here I am introducing you to an attic fan that has the capability to provide you 1650 CFM airflow. This attic fan unit runs on 120 voltage and it has an energy stabilizer to avoid fluctuation damage from the electric line. This unit has blades made with six separate steel. These blades are perfectly placed with a unique angle. The blades will provide you higher airflow and quick ventilation possible. This unit also comes with a durable and permanently lubricated motor. It means it won’t have any defects in the operation of the motor. On the other hand, the performance of this fan is also perfect for attic use. You can just easily mount the unit to your attic gable. It will work perfectly to make your attic healthier and eliminate hot, humid and dusty air through the vent. It can also lower the temperature of your attic and make it perfect for living.

Features of Dayton 10W199 Gable Attic Ventilator

Dayton’s 10W199 attic ventilator is a great unit for your attic. You can easily get a fresh and humid free attic in a few moments. It can provide 1650 CFM airflow by using 120V electricity.

Here I am going to list some features of Dayton 10W199 Gable Attic Ventilator. So let’s start from the top:

Metal Housing

In every attic fan, you will find housing. The housing is a circular structure of the attic fan that holds the entire unit. Here in Dayton’s attic fan, you will get housing that is up to the standard. With durable housing, it can provide you long-lasting and maintenance-free ventilation in your attic. The material that is used on the housing is quality proved and it can resist bad conditions. This structure also protects the inner parts like motor, blades and keeps them away from touch. However, with this solid housing, you can mount the unit easily without fearing internal damage.

Durable Blades

In most of the attic fans, you will get three or four blades. But in this Dayton 10W19 unit, you will get six blades with a dynamic shape. This will make a difference in your usage. As we have seen, the more blades a fan unit has, the less it will cost you to run it. The higher number of blades also facilitate the airflow and ventilation process. These blades will provide fast airflow and quick ventilation in less time and also save the energy usage from the central motor of this attic fan. These blades have the right span and length to provide you seamless operation. And it will provide you with a lower sound and quick rotation without any wobble effect.

8. Master Flow Egv6 Gable Mount Attic Fan Review

Master Flow Attic Fan Review

This monster attic fan from Master Flow can aerate up to 3000 square feet area. So, you can consider this attic fan as a quality and high specification unit which can work for a large area. You can also use this fan in other places than the attic. But if you are taking this for your attic, it will work perfectly. The basic function of this attic fan to circulate the cool air in and get the hot air out from your attic. The rotation of blades will pull in cool and fresh air into your attic and it will make your space healthier. The usage of this fan is energy-efficient despite its large size and operation. This attic fan unit uses a unique technology called PSC (permanent split capacitor) which reduces energy usage and potential vibration. So overall you will get a quality attic fan with great functionality.

Features of Master Flow Egv6 Power Gable Mount Attic Fan

The Master Flow Egv6 gable mounted attic fan comes with convenient features. This unit can provide you the airspeed of 1600 CFM with proper durability. You can use this fan for various purposes but it is mostly used for attic ventilation.

As we look deeper into this fan, Master Flow Gable Mount Attic Fan Ventilator, the features are great for the attic:

Large Coverage Area

Attic fans have different capacities to aerate depending on power. This industry-grade attic fan unit has the ability to ventilate an area that is up to 3000 square feet. This is huge and it provides you the indication that it would be great for bigger attics. If you have an attic with a much larger space, this attic ventilator will be your best choice. The best part is that you can ventilate this large area without wasting any excess electricity bill. The machine has the operation set to ventilate bigger areas quickly and efficiently without costing extra money in electricity bills.

PSC Technology

This attic fan comes with a new technology that is PSC. The full form of the word is permanent split capacitor. It’s a new technique in the attic fan that will provide you a lower cost on its operation. With this new feature, you can reduce the high electricity bill and use the attic fan for a longer time. This technology also helps the fan to minimize vibration and noise. By eliminating vibration you can save your roof from getting damaged over regular usage.

Quality Material

The material of any attic fan plays an important role but we often miss that to review. But you don’t have to worry about the material of Master Flow’s this attic fan unit. The body of this unit is made of metal. This metal is completely rustproof. It means you won’t have any damage to the housing and other parts due to water or humidity.

How to Choose an Attic Fan

Attic Fan Buying Guide

When you want to pick an attic fan for your house or garage, it’s become so crucial to concentrate on some key factors. Let’s review them one by one:

Attic Space

The area of your attic is the biggest factor that you should focus on. Because if you buy an attic fan that has more power to ventilate the bigger attic, this will be a massive mismatch as that attic fan will take much more power than what you actually need. On the other hand, if your attic is far bigger than an average one, then you should go for a comparably powerful attic unit. That’s why measuring the attic area before reviewing the attic fan will be a mandatory step. When you get the area size of your attic, choose an attic fan that can provide ventilation to that specific size of the attic.

Energy Efficiency

The usage of electric energy is one of the most known factors when deciding upon an attic fan. When you run an attic fan, they have many parts in it and many functionalities to provide you better ventilation. If the machine does not use proper energy optimization, then you may have to bear the extra cost of electricity bill. So, before you buy an attic fan, make sure that it has energy-saving technology. Today most of the attic fan unit provides the option to save your electric bill with efficient operation. And if you are not choosing an attic fan with proper energy saving, you will have to pay extra bills.

Multi-Purpose Use

The attic fan has several usages in many ways & places. You should consider your requirement when you review attic fans one by one. If you are only looking for the attic fan to use in your house, then it’s fine to go for a normal one. By normal I mean any general attic fan that is perfectly made to use it in your attic to ventilate and improve the air quality. But if you are planning to use it in your industrial or any professional projects, they must have a durable body. To work in places like a greenhouse, workshop or industrial space, the attic fan should have the capability to operate in harsh conditions and high humidity. The body of the attic fan should also have corrosion resistance capability so that it won’t get any damage working in humid conditions. There are several multipurpose attic fans available in the market to choose from. If you will need the attic fan to use in other places than your home, choose an attic fan that has high durability.


The operation of the attic fan plays an important role in reducing vibration and noise. It should be smooth and wobble-free. If you want to use the attic fan for your house, you should choose one that does not create any vibration and odd sound. The vibration-free operation will help you to prolong the lifetime of your roof and attic. Generally, the more blades in a fan, the more smooth it will work. Also, that attic fan will create more powerful airflow than any general attic fan. That’s why the operation of an attic fan is also important to get a satisfying user experience.


When you are listing attic fan, always look for the installation process it offers you. A good attic fan with a bad installation process will cost you more. That’s why reviewing the installation of an attic fan is a must-do test before buying one. The attic fan that you want to use should have an easy installation process. It should not take long to install in any place. You should also check if it comes with the instruction manual.


While the warranty is not a mandatory option, but having a long warranty will give you the reliance on the unit. Most of the well known and costly unit comes with a longer warranty period. Some may provide you a lifetime warranty on parts. However, if you are choosing a mid-level attic fan, you may not get the equal warranty time like others. It’s ok as long as the attic fan has high-quality material and mechanism in it.

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